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Posted on : 30-01-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Health & Beauty, Parenting, Pregnancy

Journeying the road of my pregnancy

I’m at the onset of my eight months of being pregnant. Looking back, I could say that my pregnancy’s healthy and manageable even though I got sick for a couple of weeks on my 7th month. The first three months of my pregnancy was a roller coaster of emotions, mostly due to vomiting any time of the day and nausea. I barely ate during those times, and I even puked milk – Skimmed Milk. I switched to Anmum Milk for pregnant moms on my 4th month already since there was no such milk available in the current country I am residing.

It was also difficult for me to find an OBGyne. I kept on looking for the OBGyne who would emphatize with me, with what I am going through, and who would be approachable. I tried four doctors, and the latest I got is a woman doctor who smiled the first time she saw me. Read the rest of this entry »

Steps 4 Kids Remixed: pregnancy songs


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Photo Credit: Classical Music

If you have already probably noticed, this blog now plays some background music.

While editing the footer text, a thought came across my mind that I should play the collection of techno-remixes that has been actively playing in my laptop while doing some work stuffs over the past week. Read the rest of this entry »

Rare heart disease – warning for new moms!


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As an expectant mom, I am keen on monitoring about stuffs related to pregnancy, baby, and parenting. This morning, while cleaning up my emails as a regular habit that I do before attending to my company stuffs for the day, I thought of watching some videos from Yahoo! and ABC. I’m going to discuss first about this rare medical condition that afflicted 3-year old Rhett Lamb – he was only sleeping for two hours.


My attention was first caught by the 3-year old boy,Rhett, who just couldn’t sleep before, and that mysterious medical condition is now solved through a successful brain surgery. Click on the photo below to play the video at the ABC site. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello world!


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Back to blogging at dutdot (dut.) – not just a dot on the Web!

This Web blog was first setup in 2008, but updating was set aside because of some personal commitments  and other stuffs. At the start of the year, however, I cleaned up my other domains, transferred some blog posts from one domain to another. In particular, I decided to devote this domain as my personal blog so previous posts from this blog were erased.

I thought of buying a domain with my full name on it, but decided to just stick with this domain, dutdot. Read the rest of this entry »