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Posted on : 24-01-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

Back to blogging at dutdot (dut.) – not just a dot on the Web!

This Web blog was first setup in 2008, but updating was set aside because of some personal commitments  and other stuffs. At the start of the year, however, I cleaned up my other domains, transferred some blog posts from one domain to another. In particular, I decided to devote this domain as my personal blog so previous posts from this blog were erased.

I thought of buying a domain with my full name on it, but decided to just stick with this domain, dutdot.

As I had explained last year in my blog post here (which I deleted to give way to the new layout and concept of this blog), dutdot in my dialect means “to touch”. I have a lot of interests (and they are so numerous to mention at this blog post; maybe at a later date when I’m not rushing to do other things). I can find interest in anything that I “touch” – any subject matter, that is.

Dutdot,¬† in English, means touch point (my own translation). Touch point, according to WIKIPEDIA is “the interface of product/service/brand”. I am a brand myself. I am a product/service myself. This will be my personal home on the Web, where I lurk my brain cells most of the time.

It was on January 15 of this year that I decided to revamp this site. There’s a long story to it, but the story would be revealed at a much later date – it might take months or years. But to cut it short, something and someone triggered me when I started writing the tagline of this blog – DUT. – not just a dot on the Web.

This blog will contain majority of the things that interest me. There are so many. I don’t often feel overwhelmed with my interests because I have finally found my true calling – there are two – (of which they would just be mentioned as I go along with this blog).¬† So other interests that fall short of the descriptions of those two categories are what I call my “life’s touchpoints” – they helped me shape who I am and what I am.

This is dutdot. You may call me that way. And, this is my dot on the Web. Not just a dot, in that case.



http://www.dutdot.com – cooooolest domain name)))

hello, thanks for the compliment! really appreciate it. :)))

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