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If you have already probably noticed, this blog now plays some background music.

While editing the footer text, a thought came across my mind that I should play the collection of techno-remixes that has been actively playing in my laptop while doing some work stuffs over the past week.

The four collections of techno-remixes that I listen with my baby in my womb are really great motivators and enhancers of the tired mind. I shared the collections with my husband the other night via my Nokia phone. I was able to easily download the files from the Internet to my mobile phone. He, too, was mesmerized at the liberating effects of the songs.

I added in the footer text the words, “Dutdot (DUT.)is powered by techno-remix, motivation, Web addiction…“, and as I went along with the revamping of the CSS of this blog, I suddenly thought of embedding the codes of Steps for Kids Remixed. That’s when I realized that the techno-remix background of this blog now matches with my image on the blog header. Isn’t that great?


Steps for Kids Remixed, according to Internet Archive, is “a collection of techno remixes suitable for the youngest of our listeners, those who make their first steps”. I would agree that these remixes are, indeed, capable of harnessing the concentration powers of kids, while doing learning or doing something crucial during their early stages. The audio that you are hearing in this blog is part of the collection of Fragment.


I just wanted to blog about this cute update about the techno-remixes background of my blog, but it’s somehow related to another vital aspect of my pregnancy experience so I would discuss the thing about listening to songs during pregnancy.

I don’t remember exactly when my husband and I bought our Sony MP3-CD-Radio player. It was probably during my first semester of pregnancy. He gave me pregnancy songs, which are indeed, noted as great for baby’s brain development while in the womb. Since I vomitted a lot during the first trimester, I found it hard to listen to songs. Even when I was already in my second semester, I never had the chance to listen daily to those songs. The collections that my husband gave me included Baby Einstein’s collection and more. Let me revisit those CDs while I’m on my last months of pregnancy.


There has been debate over the effects of playing songs while pregnant. Does playing songs while pregnant benefit the baby in the womb or not? What are the types of music that should be played for the baby in the womb?

In my experience, my baby started reacting to songs played (via my laptop or mobile phone) during her 20th week and up. Everytime I play some music, in particular, the Steps for Kids Remixed, she moves a lot. Occassionally, I listen to BBC News English and some Audio books for babies. I noticed that she responds by moving when songs are played, while she listens attentively when I play English books and radio programs near my tummy. She’s moving a lot while I’m writing this entry, and at the same time, the techo-remixes collection is playing in my blog.

As to the types of music that should be played by pregnant mothers, I would say that there’s no hard rule when it comes to this. You can listen to any music you want to play as long as it is not loud, it is beneficial to your peace of mind and relaxation, and it brings you relief. Normally though, I listen to CLASSICAL MUSIC, but I just couldn’t play them all throughout the day. hehe.

So you’re probably thinking that I’m saying the music should be what suits best the mother than the baby in the womb. Yes. No. In my experience, I played almost any type of music for babies. Although I would say that they are sweet, cute, and suit well my baby in my womb, I wasn’t interested to let the music player play for more than an hour. I just ended up playing the music in the other room, while I do my thing in another room. Of course, I was the only one hearing the music.That’s when I decided to shift to Steps for Kids Remixed. It’s something that my husband, my baby, and I found to be soothing and relaxing.


There have been numerous studies on the effects of listening to music for babies. You may find them in the links I am providing below. Click on the thumbnails to be redirected to the corresponding sites.

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The Sense of Hearing in Infants and Toddlers

Womb Music: How will music affect your unborn child?

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Listen to music with your baby in your womb. You may try listening to Steps for Kids Remixed!


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