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Journeying the road of my pregnancy

I’m at the onset of my eight months of being pregnant. Looking back, I could say that my pregnancy’s healthy and manageable even though I got sick for a couple of weeks on my 7th month. The first three months of my pregnancy was a roller coaster of emotions, mostly due to vomiting any time of the day and nausea. I barely ate during those times, and I even puked milk – Skimmed Milk. I switched to Anmum Milk for pregnant moms on my 4th month already since there was no such milk available in the current country I am residing.

It was also difficult for me to find an OBGyne. I kept on looking for the OBGyne who would emphatize with me, with what I am going through, and who would be approachable. I tried four doctors, and the latest I got is a woman doctor who smiled the first time she saw me. That’s what I have been looking for in a doctor. Someone who won’t treat me as just another source of income, but a patient in need of utmost care.

The timing was perfect even though the situation wasn’t. I was sick then, dehydrated, coughing all the time when I went to her clinic. My previous OBGyne before her was out of duty. It was a blessing in disguise, indeed. I didn’t like my third OBGyne although he was considered to be the best in that hospital. He seemed in a hurry all the time to finish one patient and deal with the next.

When I got sick during the second week of January, I thought for several times whether or not I had to see a doctor. I was afraid of taking any meds, but since I had to make sure that my baby’s in a perfect state in my womb while I was sick, we went ahead and looked for my third doctor. Fortunately, as I had mentioned awhile ago, that doctor was out of duty, and a female doctor was in. She smiled at me because probably she saw in my facial expression the pain of being sick, sluggish, and weak, and she, probably, wanted to ease my discomfort. I smiled back, and became comfortable with her. While she was doing the ultrasound, I told her, “would you be my OBGyne now? I’d like to replace my current doctor.” In response, she touched my face and smiled as she nodded. I felt peace for the first time.

Childbirth Class

I’m in my early weeks of my 8th month now, and things are getting better everyday. Coughing has subsided although I still have some phlegm to get rid of. I gained a lot as compared to my original weight prior to pregnancy, but I don’t make a fuss out of it. I’m happy that the weight of my baby is doing well in accordance with her gestation age. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the frequent urination at night. It’s pretty normal though since my baby moves a lot these days. There are times that my back aches when I sit for a much longer time or when I get up from bed. Other than those two things, I’m perfectly healthy and sound. I don’t have swelling ankles and legs even though I didn’t do any pregnancy exercise. Thanks God. The post I previously posted about Peripartum Cardiomyopathy is an eye-opener for me to do regular exercise and take good care of my body.

Lately these days, I am making up when it comes to having a regular routine of pregnancy exercise. I move a lot around the house and just don’t lay there in my bed all the time. I do some light household chores and give majority of the household to my husband. I can’t get away from being online because it’s the thing that makes me company majority of the time. But I do take time to stretch my legs and my arms. It’s so hard to sit for longer hours although it’s what I was doing back then – longer hours in front of the laptop to do some work.

This week, I continued what I was doing during my fifth month of pregnancy – researching for pregnancy stuffs, in particular, labor and birth.  I need to equip myself with enough knowledge on childbirth as this is my first pregnancy. Fortunately, there are generous people out there who give their time and dedication to teach about childbirth in an online setting.

Childbirth Online Class by Robin Elise Weiss,

The course is divided into six classes. There are lots of supplemental readings, pictures and illustrations so you could get a hold of what’s happening in your body while you’re in labor and when it’s the time for baby to come out. I’m currently in Class Two while writing this post.

I also got a new link on childbirth class, which is also ONLINE and FREE (I love these two words, by the way).

Childbirth Class Series for Busy Parents-to-be by Brenda Lane,

It’s a six-week online course and covers six classes. I have browsed the first class, and I must say that I got a lot of information from it, too. I would finish first my classes at, and move on with the classes at This course by Brenda was added last Jan. 7 of this year.

If you’re an expectant mom, you might find it beneficial to join the classes I mentioned in this post. It’s better to be equipped in terms of what is happening and what will happen during pregnancy, labor, and birth through helpful online classes, that is, if you can’t find for offline childbirth classes like me (we reside in a new country). But of course, it’s still best to communicate with our OBGyne with regard to what we are experiencing. For me, I am researching a lot in these areas of pregnacy so that I would have something to ask my doctor on my next visit.


Glad you’re enjoying the class! I’ll help anyway I can…

hi robin, thanks for the kind words. glad to be part of your class!

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