Thin veins and glucose phosphate in pregnancy


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Imagine this – being pricked by a needle for six times in two days just so the nurse could get sample of my blood. Sweet Jesus. I didn’t know if they knew how to get blood, really, or my veins were really thin. On the first day of getting blood, there were two nurses who assisted me. I was really exhausted afterwards, and when the pricking was done, my husband and I went home. The next day, they called my husband and said that another pricking would be done! What? I just couldn’t get through with the process again. But they told us that they need more blood sample for three tests.

Husband and I went to the private clinic. On the second day, I urged him to go with me in the lab room and watched as the nurses pricked on. As usual, it was difficult for them to locate my veins. I wonder why in the Philippines, nurses there could get blood from me when pricking.

The first nurse pricked, and she didn’t get blood. It wasn’t painful though. Good thing, hubby was there, and he told the nurse that there was no blood flowing. Then, she called on the second nurse. They located for visible vein. The second nurse pricked. And I started crying. The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t explain where the pain came from. I just cried and cried and shouted at the top of my lungs. No. I don’t usually cry when being pricked by a needle. But that time, I never thought twice but expressed what I was feeling. There was no blood coming out so when the second nurse pulled off the needle, I felt the pain had quadrupled, no, more than that, I guess. They asked me to stop crying since my baby would be stressed out, too. But that was the only way I could let out of my emotions and tell them that I was in pain. Sweet Jesus.

In between tears, I told them that we’d come back for another pricking on the third day. But that time, the nurse was already able to locate a much visible vein than the first two veins that they pricked. Just so the lab exam would be complete, I reluctantly nodded, closed my eyes, and let them pricked me on my right hand. Yes, right hand and not on the arm. The blood successfully came out. The agonizing process was over.

On our way home, my hubby told me that she admired me for my courage. He pitied me for the pain I got through, but since I was thinking of my baby, even if I had to go through the 3rd injection that same night, (or the 6th after 2 days), he saw how I managed to bear the process.

Just last night, we received the results. We have yet to confirm it with my OBGyne this week. My glucose phosphate is quite high. Click here to know more about glucose screening test. I hope that I don’t have gestational diabetes, a common health problem during pregnancy. I think it was because I ate lots of sweets and carbs, plus the fact that I really don’t swell in this icky place. It’s so bad not to get out alone. I don’t perspire at all. The only consolation I have is that my baby is perfectly doing all right. I pray for safe and normal delivery.

Today, I don’t eat much carbs anymore. I only took small bites of rice. I have to consume lots of raw vegetables and fresh fruits, too. I still have 10 weeks to start anew with my diet.

Being pregnant is the most thrilling, exciting, scary part I am undergoing in my life. It keeps me attuned with my spirituality. There are times I feel so scared, but the thought that I would see my baby face-to-face in just a matter of weeks keeps me motivated and not scared at all.

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