Urinary tract infection in pregnancy


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Urinary tract infection, or commonly called UTI, is among the common problems experienced by expectant moms in their pregnancy. And, I am not spared. My OBGyne told me that I have infection. I was quite alarmed, and sheepishly I asked, “UTI?” I never knew that the burning sensation I have been feeling down there is already UTI. It was just diagnosed after the lab test I had this month. In my entire pregnancy, I rarely got the chance to have regular checkups, but thanks God my baby is just doing perfectly all right. It’s because of some factors that were beyond my control. Being a new resident of another country has its downside, particularly, when it comes to handling pregnancy issues. Anyway, it’s a learning curve that my husband and I have managed to overcome.

The other problem I was talking about in my previous post has been ruled out, but I am still cautious of what I eat now – less chocolate, less carbs, more fruits, more water. If during the past I only consumed 3 liters of water, I now consume maybe around 4.5 liters a day. It’s one way I combat the prevalence of UTI. The only sideeffect is to urinate every 10 minutes or 30 minutes because of more water intake. I will buy cranberry juice tonight and consume at least two tall glasses of it so that my UTI will eventually vanish, without taking antibiotics. My OBGyne prescribed zinnat 500mg for me for five days, but I didn’t buy the meds yet. I am still wishing that the UTI will eventually vanish on its own. But reading from sources in the Internet, not treating the infection is more dangerous for both the mother and baby than taking antibiotic. I will take meds, if after taking cranberry juice and more water, wouldn’t be enough. I would have another urine test, maybe tomorrow night, just to ensure that the UTI has been healed or not. It has to be healed to avoid premature delivery.

My mom had UTI when she was carrying me in her womb. I read somewhere that it’s also a contributing factor for me to have UTI during my pregnancy. It’s maybe an old wives’ tale. What could be accounted for this UTI that I am experiencing was having to work and sit down for 13 longish shitty hours during my second semester. It’s a crap, indeed, that I spent countless, useless hours before in something that wasn’t worth my time.

Starting last February 5, I didn’t use my laptop anymore. It’s the only time now that I got to sit down and write this post. I have a lot to write, but I am darned so afraid of sitting my butt for a long time.

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i hope your UTI disappears even without the meds.
Yes, get off the laptop…
God bless.

yes, i hope it will. thanks!

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