Buying baby’s things during pregnancy: what to buy for your newborn


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Buying baby’s things during pregnancy is the most exciting part that expectant parents undergo. On my 5th month of pregnancy, we first bought some sets of our baby’s clothes, but we ended up feeling guilty because of what we bought. We didn’t like the quality of the materials, and we promised to ourselves to make it right the second time. We scouted for several baby stores before finally buying. Too bad, we missed out the sale at MotherCare, deadline of sale was last Saturday, Feb. 7, because of my slight diarrhea. Woot.

Last night, we splurged a total of PhP16,000+, if converted to our country’s currency. Whoa. It’s too costly, and the items we bought are still lacking. If we bought from our home country, we could have saved a lot, and that amount would probably be enough for baby’s first things. But what can we do? We are located in a place that is so costly, maybe more than 400% markup.

Here are some photos of what we bought last night.

Newborn to 3 months first set of baby’s clothes

Baby bath care kit

Perineal gel and disposable maternity briefs for the mum-to-be (more about this in separate post tomorrow)

What to buy for your newborn?

Like us, the expectant parents of our first baby daughter, you are also probably at a loss as to what to buy for your newborn, and when to buy them. Buy your baby’s things during the 6th month of your pregnancy, or 7th month. That’s the time that your OBGyne has confirmed whether your baby is a boy or girl. For two times, we confirmed that we are carrying a baby girl in my womb. Secondly, the 7th month of your pregnancy is the time that you can still move around, and help the daddy-to-be to choose baby’s things.

MotherCare has listed the things that expectant parents should prepare for the arrival of their newborns. The items listed were categorized into 8 sections:


  • 3x support bras
  • 3x nursing bras
  • 2x sleep bras

Baby Clothes

  • 6-8x sleepsuits
  • 6-8x bodysuits or vests
  • 3-4x daywear outfits
  • 2x cardigans
  • 2-3x socks (pairs)
  • 2x scratch mitts (pairs)
  • 2x hats
  • jacket/pramsuit
  • shawl


  • moses basket and stand or crib
  • cot or cot bed
  • nursery furniture
  • new mattress
  • room thermometer
  • bedding for moses basket, crib, cot or cot bed
  • 4x fitted mattress sheets
  • 4x top sheets
  • 2-3x blankets
  • 1-2x sleeping bags



  • 3x nursing bras
  • 2x sleep bars
  • breast pads
  • muslin squares
  • bibs
  • breast pump
  • storage bags/bottles
  • nipple cream
  • nipple/breast shells/shields
  • sterilizing equipment

bottle feeding

  • 4x feeding bottles
  • 4x teats
  • sterilizing equipment
  • bottle and teat brush
  • muslin squares
  • bottle warmer
  • bibs


  • pushchair
  • carry cot/pram
  • parasol

Car Safety

  • infant car seat
  • sun blinds


  • change bag
  • baby carrier


  • baby bath
  • baby nail scissors
  • brush and comb set
  • nonslip bath mat
  • top n’ tail bowl
  • bath thermometer
  • bath support
  • cuddle and dry robe and change mat
  • baby box
  • baby toiletries, baby wipes, nappies, cotton wool, barrier cream
  • nappy pail or nappy wrapper


  • cot mobile
  • bouncing cradle or swing
  • playnest, gym or mat
  • 2x soft rattles
  • soft newborn cuddy toy

Optional extras

  • nursing chair
  • baby listening/monitor
  • changing unit/dresser
  • soothers/dummies
  • travel cot

Well, that’s an exhaustive list. Based from the list above, you know best which thing is really necessary or which you can do without. For example, for us, since we live overseas, we have finally decided not to create a nursery room for our baby. (This calls for a separate blog entry)…

Cheers! Happy buying for your new baby!

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