Natural Oral Rehydration Therapy: First aid to food poisoning


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I was awakened at 3a.m. this morning from a deep sleep when I heard my husband’s vomiting at the bathroom. Unsure though, I immediately got up from bed and checked on him. He was indeed vomiting! I panicked and was clueless as to the cause of his vomiting. Was the pancit he ate at 12 midnight the culprit, I wondered. Later, we realized that he was then suffering from food poisoning. (Lesson learned: don’t eat pasta, noodles on an empty stomach especially during night time. The noodles he ate were still intact/not digested after 3 hours.)

I waited for him to be stabilized, but lo and behold, the vomiting was nonstop until 5a.m. I was already worried because we just couldn’t go to the hospital here. It’s so scary to be sick in this country we are in because of some stories we heard in the past. (That’s the reason why we opted to go to the most expensive maternity hospital here)…

Initially, I thought of letting him drink hot water. I let him sipped a half cup of water hoping that he would feel much better. But he didn’t. He was already feeling cold. All the while, I was praying that he would be well since we’re just the two of us in this country we are in. I prayed over him and insisted that he went to bed with me so that I could take care of him. It was already 5a.m. when we both decided to go to bed. We prayed hard, and thanked God that I didn’t eat what he ate last night. Usually, I would eat whatever he eats. However, last night, I just didn’t choose what he was eating. God intervened for me because of my growing baby in my womb. It could have been scary and difficult for both of us if I also vomited.

Thanks be to God and to the Internet.

Our first and last resort was to pray. God is the greatest healer. Our immediate/in-between resort is the Internet. My husband checked on our supplies of medicine from our cabinet. He saw two pieces of Hydrite tablets. I told him we couldn’t just use those tablets because there was no expiration date. We continued searching the Web about first aid for food poisoning, the symptoms of which are nausea and vomiting. Just then, I thought of researching about first aid oral rehydration that I could give him. I was redirected to this site, Rehydration Project. It focuses on the use of Oral Rehydration Salts, considered as “the most effective, least expensive way to manage diarrhoeal dehydration”.

What I did was to follow the steps indicated in the video. I got one liter of water (boiled it to a certain degree just to make it hot), added a pinch of salt, and two tablespoons of sugar, mixed them with a spoon, and gave a cup of the mixture to my husband. View the video below. Thanks to Fazle Hasan Abad, founder of BRAC, who has been a great help in providing better health care for impoverished countries around the world.

After 5a.m., my husband got better. His vomiting has stopped, although he had diarrhea for two times. He felt a lot better as the day went by.

Thanks God for healing him, and for the first aid You gave us.


Praise God he’s ok now and you didn’t eat what he did.

yup, true. thanks God.

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