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Last night, my husband and I walked/shopped for almost six hours. He was complaining of not being able to breath properly. He said that it might have been the effect of too much vomiting after he was food poisoned. He exerted much effort in vomiting such that the muscles were stretched out. When we reached the mall, he was still complaining of shortness of breathing. When we reached home, he watched a movie until 2:30a.m. (I ate my midnight snack at 1:30a.m. in preparation for the 8-hr fasting).  I told him to stop watching movie. He told me that he could not properly breath, and watching the movie was his way to cope. Off he went to bed with me. Later after a few minutes, he immediately got up for shortness of breathing again. I was alarmed. I told him that there must be a lot of elements that were lost from his system due to excessive vomiting brought by the food poisoning he had the other night. Since I usually keep my mobile phone (with WIFI) under my pillow, I immediately contacted my other bestfriend in this place we are in, Mr. Google (my first bestfriend is my collection of books).

Our first instinct is that his potassium level might have gone way below due to the losses of electrolytes. Woot. I asked him about what he was feeling, if it was similar to what he felt in 2001 when he could no longer walk due to potassium loss. He said yes. Alarmed, I got up and really searched the Web for more information about potassium.

Potassium helps to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body, keeping all of the cells of the body running smoothly together.

If a person has potassium level way below than what is normal, the heart could seize to function, “as the heart cannot beat without sufficient potassium”. I asked him if he still had his gatorade, he said he consumed it already, and he ate banana, and also consumed the fresh milk. I got the milk from the fridge and gave him two cups of the fresh milk. He was already full after drinking too milk. We prayed hard, and after sometime, he was able to catch his breath effortlessly. Thanks God.

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It helps to be vigilant about our own health. We are preventing much damage and unforeseen events. Thanks to the Internet. Everything can be found online in just a click of the mouse.

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