Fasting blood sugar normal!


Posted on : 19-02-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Health & Beauty, Pregnancy

Hurrah! Everything’s normal with regard to my blood sugar. I had the results after two minutes of waiting. The resident OBGyne told me that I must had splurged on sweets during the time I had my previous urine test that’s why I had glucose in my urine.

My husband just dropped me off at the clinic via taxi and he headed straight to his office. I just walked afterwards from the private clinic to the mall to eat my breakfast at 10:30a.m. My baby must be very hungry already because I didn’t eat any since 1:30a.m. (fasting for blood sugar).

This was my second time to walk alone in this country we are in. It’s so scary to walk alone, but well, God is with me, who would be against me?

After eating my late breakfast, (which consisted of rice and beefsteak), I opted to celebrate the good results of my FBS and for walking alone in this place by buying some stuffs for myself. I hope they won’t get dumped in my utility box, which is often the case. I couldn’t find my TIMEX watch. Husband was the one who kept it after my blood checkup last Feb5. I wonder where he misplaced it.

Headband (Sale!) from PhP397to PhP40.5. Of course, if I’d get this from the Philippines, it would have been just PhP25, perhaps.

Fancy Watch

After buying the stuffs, I headed back home. However, I realized I had no keys at home (you see, I don’t often walk here alone so I don’t bring my keys!) so I called on my husband and he wasn’t happy with the idea, but what can he do? I told him I had beefsteak with me, which he could eat for lunch. Off he fetched me at the KFC, and he ate the beefsteak at home.

Lesson learned: bring the spare key (front door) with me always. Put it in my brown bag along with my other vital stuffs.

Now that my blood results are normal, I am determined to stick with a better diet (not much sweets and carbo – eat rice during breakfast only; fruits should be eaten moderately; eat more protein (beef and other sources); and, eat green leafy vegetables.

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