Glucose in urine during 3rd trimester pregnancy


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For over a week, I was concerned with my urinary tract infection. I didn’t heed the advice of my OBGyne to drink zinnat 500mg, the antibiotic she gave me to consume for five days (1 after breakfast, 1 after dinner). I bought coconut juice in can, drank 2 out of the six bottles, and I consumed lots of fluids from 3L to 4.5L a day. Then, two nights ago, I went to the clinic for another urine routine checkup without asking my OBGyne’s approval. I had to check whether or not my UTI has vanished already without the aid of antibiotics. I got the results this afternoon at past 5p.m. Fortunately, an OBGyne was there and I consulted her for free! Actually, it was the receptionist who told me I need not pay since the doctor would just read the results of the urine test for me. The doctor’s so kind. She’s not my OBGyne, and I think I am not transferring to another OBGyne at this time of my pregnancy. I’m on my 33rd or 34th week already. She’s just for prenatal checkups and isn’t sure yet if she could be the attending doctor during my delivery; hence, I am sticking with my current OBGyne. But, we’ll see…

Prior to going to the doctor, I was quite alarmed with the results. I couldn’t read whether or not I still have pus or infection in my urine. But what alarmed me was the glucose on it, +1. That’s when the receptionist asked me if I wanted to check it with their OBGyne. I could have waited for another day to ask my current OBGyne about it, but that would mean spending another PhP2754 just for the reading of my urine results, plus another PhP486 for our fare to the hospital. So it was a blessing in disguise that an OBGyne was available in the nearby clinic we visited. We didn’t have to wait for another day to pass without knowing the results.

Her initial reaction was “you’re diabetic?” Of course, I am not! My mind was screaming. I told her, I just had my urine test this month, and there was no glucose in my urine. But of course, the current urine routine is the basis for the initial finding. “Come back tomorrow for checkup of your fasting blood sugar,” she said.

It was my worry a few weeks back whether or not I have gestational diabetes (glucose 6 phosphate), but my current OBGyne ruled it out. She didn’t mention about it. She mentioned something about my liver, but it was nothing to worry about. She was more concerned of the UTI I had so she gave me medication for it, which I didn’t take as I mentioned earlier.

The doctor who read my urine results told me to cut back on carbohydrates and sweets. Oh, I must admit I have been taking a lot of fruits, in particular, bananas. She said that I shouldn’t consume a lot of bananas. My husband often buys bananas for me, and I consume up to three or four bananas a day! Gosh. I also have been fond of eating chocolates, and rice. I was told by the doctor to just eat apples, yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, green salad, and those that aren’t sweet. I took note of that when we arrived at the mall to buy our things.

Before heading to the supermarket, I had a quick dinner – I chose salad and fresh orange juice from a certain restaurant in the furniture mall here, and not from the Starbucks. In the past, I would usually devour on the salad from Starbucks; so costly.

Tomorrow’s test would confirm the state of my glucose in my urine. So tonight, I refrain from worrying about it since research says it’s normal to have glucose in urine especially during the last months of pregnancy. It says that “glucose (sugar) in the urine, …is common and often doesn’t develop into gestational diabetes“. Glucose in urine is often found for pregnant women with large babies; but, hmmm, my belly isn’t that big. In fact, I am eating a lot these days since I want my baby’s weight to be average. This I will know on my checkup. The last checkup I had indicated that I didn’t gain much weight, but my baby did. However, I was advised to eat well for my baby. The reason perhaps for not gaining weight during the past month was when I got sick for over three weeks. Anyway, I did eat a lot of rice and so this must be the reason for the glucose in my urine.

I am hoping that tomorrow’s blood test won’t indicate any trace of gestational diabetes.

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