Food craving at third trimester and things to bring to the hospital during labor and delivery


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I was craving for fresh, green salad the whole day, but I was so busy preparing my baby’s bag with her clothes, mittens, receiving blankets, cap, and other things for her arrival, so going to the market was sort of delayed for a few hours. Since the mall supermarket closes at 12midnight, we decided to go out after dinner. Husband cooked ‘nilagang baka’ and ‘idago’, which I devoured heartily.

We went out at 10:30p.m. already because we waited for sandstorm to subside. But when we went out, the sandstorm hadn’t subsided yet so we went back to our place to get our mask. I was amazed that I had to brace the sandstorm just to get some fresh, green salad, and also the yogurt! When we reached the market, there was no available salad on the shelf. It would become available the next day, the saleslady said. Quite disheartened, I settled on buying lots of yogurt (prevents UTI, and is rich in calcium). Other food items bought were nuts, some junks (guilty), vegetable spring rolls, and other things for baby. Before leaving the market, I told husband that I need to look for any green salad! The resto that offers fresh salad was then closed at the time we finished buying at the supermarket for it was already 11p.m. So the last option was to order at Starbucks.

When we reached the Starbucks, my enthusiasm was wearing away because I could see no salad on the shelf! I felt like crying, literally. I realized that my craving for food came back at this time of my pregnancy (34 weeks and 4 days). Huh! It was the same feeling I had when I craved for ‘lechon kawali’ and there was no pork available in this country. I was having tantrums then, urging my husband to cook an improvised ‘lechon kawali’ (poor hubby). Food craving hits a pregnant woman at any time of pregnancy. But I think the urge to eat more vegetables and more food at this time of pregnancy is happening to me since I need to gain more weight for my baby. The third trimester is not a time for dieting. This is the time that I need more calories (300 calories).

When we were already near the shelf of Starbucks, husband saw one salad on the upper left corner. ONE GREEK SALAD! I could have fainted really upon seeing it. I also bought one piece of dark chocolate, and afterwards, a small bottle of mineral water. After paying for the mineral water, I saw a couple who ordered cold mocha drink or choco drink. I was salivating over their drinks that I ended up ordering one for me. Husband has sore throat so I didn’t mind ordering for him, but when I reached our table and I didn’t share the drink with him, he asked me if I bought it just for myself. So I shared the mocha frappucino with him, but I ended up drinking 3/4 of it.

Greek Salad, Mocha Frappucino, Dark Chocolate, Mineral Water

I tried to connect to the Internet inside the Starbucks, but there was no free WIFI available. Instead, I got two free magazines from the Starbucks. At least, the PhP615.60 I spent for my food tripping at Starbucks was compensated by these free magazines. No, it was probably the thought that I was able to satisfy my craving. The cost was secondary; the satisfaction of food craving for the preggy-me was primary. Don’t remind me of the PhP283.50 we spent for taxi fare. Sigh. (Everything’s converted to our currency back home. I always have to remind myself not to convert; but, it’s what I do best to torture myself)…

Here are some photos I took during the whole day and night (pics taken by my Nokia phone):

First set of pics: my baby’s things (which we will bring to the hospital during the delivery). Expectant moms need to prepare in advance the things that our baby would need. We should prepare our baby’s things while we can still move around. I spent the good two days preparing for my baby’s things: first, I washed them. Second, I picked up the things that are of utmost importance, and kept the rest in my baby’s drawer. Since we live overseas, husband and I didn’t opt to buy a separate locker for baby. It’s cumbersome to prepare a nursery for baby, including some furniture for her room. We just bought a white plastic with layers on it, and put it inside my locker. Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon fixing my locker to give space to my baby’s things. All went well.

First pack of baby’s clothes (it contains receiving blanket and disposable diapers)

Second pack of baby clothes

baby’s reserved tees and sleepwear

hooded towel

reserved socks, mittens, hand towel, bib, navel protector (Is this still being used nowadays?)

This is baby’s bag. (We still have to buy additional caps for baby)…

Yesterday, I prepared my labor bag (and also the things of my husband). I still need to buy a good pair of slippers, which I will use at the hospital, and also support bras.

What I will bring during my labor and delivery day:

  1. support bras
  2. slippers
  3. toiletries
  4. robe
  5. 2 pcs maternity clothes
  6. going home clothes
  7. our marriage contract
  8. passport
  9. ID
  10. money
  11. light snacks
  12. mobile phone
  13. PSP
  14. laptop
  15. good reading material
  16. favorite pillow
  17. breast pads
  18. maternity napkins
  19. camera
  20. tripod
  21. video camera

I also bought a pair of fancy shoes.

I love how it fits my feet.

This has been a longish blog post. It’s already seven minutes before 2.a.m. I need to sleep now.

Second set of pics: These are baby’s things for her bedding. We still need to buy her crib. While fixing her things, I came across these finger puppets, which her dad-to-be brought for her. Nice!

(It’s a bit hard when it’s just me and husband here in a foreign land, and we are expecting our first child (and our families are back home so we rely heavily on the Internet and our instincts. But childbirth is a natural process; there’s nothing to be scared of)…

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