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Two nights ago, I wasn’t able to sleep at once because of the sandstorm. I inhaled the sand, must be the reason why I could hardly sleep *sucks*. Sleep chased me at 5:00a.m. already the next day, and was awakened by a text (on husband’s phone) from his office. I had to get up from bed for it was indeed too late for my breakfast (although I had a quick grab of yogurt at 3:00a.m.). Husband was asked to go to the MOJ, but later did we know from his office that it was me who should go there. Bad idea. We weren’t informed at once, or at least a day before that. I hurriedly prepared myself, washed my face, and grabbed an apple. I didn’t have time for a quick breakfast because the driver was waiting for me downstairs.

The green apple I brought with me to the MOJ was of course wasn’t enough to satisfy the hunger of two stomachs, that of mine and of my baby’s. After 45 minutes of waiting, I saw a fellow noypi drinking Starbucks’ coffee. So I thought there must be a Starbucks outlet in that building. I told husband that we should order some food from starbucks. I ordered chocolate donuts (2 pcs) and just a bottle of mineral water. It was somehow enough to combat my hunger. It was already past 12 in the afternoon when we finished the business transaction.

On our way home, this stupid driver, who drove for us back home, smoked inside his air-conditioned, dirty car. He was aware that I’m pregnant but he still puffed his cigar. I didn’t say a word at once but deep inside my temper was starting to boil. I told husband to tell the driver to turn off the aircon, and just opened the windows even though there was still slight sandstorm outside.

Now I have runny rose again, which I discovered just this early morning when I grabbed a quick meal at around 3:30a.m. I just ignored it and finally lulled myself back to sleep. When I woke up, the runny rose was still there. I also sneezed. I got alarmed because I don’t want to get sick again at this time of my pregnancy. I got sick for over three weeks on my 7th month of pregnancy, and I didn’t gain enough weight then. Now that I am approaching the start of my last month of pregnancy, I am so scared of getting sick because I need to gain weight for my baby. How can I eat well if I would catch colds again?

I am thinking of the culprits for my runny nose: 1) Was it because of the sandstorm? 2) Was it because of my husband’s colds? 3) Was it because of the smoke from the cigarette? 4) Was it because I missed almost two full meals the other day?

I searched the Web on what might be the causes of runny nose during pregnancy, and a good deal of information can be found here. It says that self-care is the best treatment for it since I abhor taking medicines, especially, at this time that I am pregnant. Even when I was diagnosed with UTI two weeks ago, I never bothered drinking antibiotic. The infection just went away miraculously through drinking coconut juice, rasperry juice, and 4.0 liters of water. That’s too much water intake because the standard is 2.5 or 3 liters.

Here are some tips to get rid of the discomforts of runny nose (as culled from this link):

  • Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Avoid caffeinated beverages, as these can be dehydrating.
  • Increase the humidity levels in your home. This will prevent your nose from drying out.
  • Avoid environmental irritants, like cigarette smoke.
  • Sleep with your head propped up on a pillow.
  • Exercise in moderation. Easy exercise can actually help to reduce nasal congestion.


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