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Posted on : 23-02-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Health & Beauty, Nutrition, Parenting, Pregnancy

I don’t remember having cooked a decent meal during the past six years (guilty). It was always my husband who cooked in our house. For the past three years, I was busily engaged in feeding my mental tank, and poor hubby did almost all of our household chores. After finishing the course, I got pregnant with our first baby, and the first three months were occupied with nausea and vomiting. I couldn’t stand the smell of anything in the kitchen. Now I wonder if I am just lazy or I really am a cooking-challenged person.

During the course of my pregnancy, (I’m now on my last few weeks of pregnancy), it’s my husband, who cooks our meal. All throughout the stages of my pregnancy, I am left at home, alone with the food and fruits that husband prepared for me. There are times I wouldn’t eat the ones he prepared after eating them at one time. I am a person who wants to eat different viands at certain meals. It’s difficult to have this attitude when I am all too dependent on him.

I cooked viands in the past. They were my own versions because I didn’t want to fall short of their true tastes. They would taste good, for sure, but the process was too cumbersome. However, since I find cooking a real challenge for me, I would just prepare ready-to-eat meals. Sigh. Now that I am just waiting for my baby to come out in this world, I MUST learn how to cook effortlessly, and most importantly, I MUST focus on cooking nutritious foods.

I spotted on the Web site,, a very good site for cooking-challenged people out there. You’ll learn how to cook quick and tasty meals through videos presented in the site, and also the basics of cooking.

Happy cooking!

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