A pregnant’s advice for any concern: “Ask God and it will be given”


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Matthew 7:7-11 Prayer is the appointed means for obtaining what we need. Pray; pray often; make a business of prayer, and be serious and earnest in it. Ask, as a beggar asks alms. Ask, as a traveller asks the way. Seek, as for a thing of value that we have lost; or as the merchantman that seeks goodly pearls. Knock, as he that desires to enter into the house knocks at the door. Sin has shut and barred the door against us; by prayer we knock. Whatever you pray for, according to the promise, shall be given you, if God see it fit for you, and what would you have more? This is made to apply to all that pray aright; every one that asketh receiveth, whether Jew or Gentile, young or old, rich or poor, high or low, master or servant, learned or unlearned, all are alike welcome to the throne of grace, if they come in faith.

Amazing how God does all the wonders in our lives! We just came from the hospital to check on the status of my heart. It’s perfectly all right. There was no heart murmur or whatsoever to cause us alarm in preparation for my delivery, normal in that case. The reason for asking for a checkup from a cardiologist is to be certain that everything’s perfectly fine with regard to my health. That has been one of our major considerations why husband and I opted to go to the best private maternity hospital here. However, I was still ambivalent as to whether or not I have to deliver in the private hospital or the public…until this morning.

We just really have to ask God whatever it is that we want to happen in our lives. He will make the way for us through the use of other people that He would give us along the way.

Yesterday night, before going to sleep, I was wondering about the possibility of giving birth in the car (along the way to the maternity hospital)  – I was asking myself, “would the hospital charge me the same amount if they would just cut the umbilical cord of my baby upon reaching the hospital?” It’s a funny thought though. I would probably be both relieved and frightened at that thought. But really, the main reason is that, I was still unsure as to how we can afford the cost of delivery in the private hospital that we have chosen. Why? It’s because a normal delivery in that hospital (hospital stay for 2 days) would cost a staggering PhP90,000 while a caesarian section (hospital stay for four days) would cost around PhP178,200. In the leading public hospital that we are considering (just this morning), the delivery would only cost us PhP324. Just imagine the gigantic difference!

I was previously considering of going for the private hospital because that would meant my husband would be with me inside the labor and delivery room. He could take videos and snap shots of my baby and me during the process. But lately these days, I was beginning to doubt whether or not having my husband around me during the delivery would be beneficial. He just mentioned the other night that he wouldn’t know what he would feel during the process. I was sort of alarmed with that tone of concern. I asked him why and he said, in analogy, that a passenger is more afraid during the ride than the driver. Got the idea here?

Anyhow, we both believe that birthing is a natural process, and with my almost perfect state of pregnancy, everything will be perfect for my baby and me.

In my earlier posts, I mentioned that I have been scouting for the OBGyne who I would be compatible with. I already have tried three OBGynes before I finally settled with my current OBGyne. But just the same, I was still ambivalent. The first time I went to that OBGyne, I was comfortable with her at once. And so I managed to tell her that I would transfer from my previous OBGyne to be under her care. However, a fellow naypi, who happens to be her clinical nurse, told me, “your previous doctor is much better than her”. Of course, that uncalled for remarks already alarmed me! I was in my 28th weeks of pregnancy at that time, and all I did was just go with the flow. I was thinking that how the doctor made me felt, that is, comfortable and relaxed, was more important to me at that time. When we had our medical checkup in another private clinic two weeks ago, I met a new OBGyne, someone who’s so kind, too, and was wondering if she could then be my fifth OBGyne. She’s just new in this country, just this month, and she was previously connected with hospitals in the US and SaudiArabia. I asked her if she could be the attending doctor during my delivery, and if it’s possible that I would deliver in the private hospital. She said that the owner of the clinic is working it out.

I prayed hard to God until yesterday morning. I told God to be the driver of my decisions, of where He would lead us on what to do regarding my predicaments. I’m already on my last month of pregnancy, and of course, my heart and body should be relaxed at this stage. And so, last night, we prayed hard to God at the Church. We prayed for His blessing to me prior to going to the cardiologist. Then He gave us normal findings (through the cardiologist)! Isn’t that an amazing gift from God? That meant we also escaped paying for costly ECG amounting to PhP8910, had there been any abnormality in the cardiologist’s initial findings of his reading of my heart. Wooty!

Prior to meeting the cardiologist this morning, a fellow naypi, the cardiologist’s clinical nurse aprroached us. We had met her before in our first visit to my third OBGyne. She was transferred to the cardiologist because she was the only one who has experience in cardiology. We had befriended her in our first visit to the OBGyne, and she remembered my name when she received my file. We chatted for almost 15 minutes. Along the conversation, she told me that my name seemed so familiar so she went out of the clinic and met me at the waiting area. I told her “we met before at Dr. Z’s clinic, but he’s no longer my OBGyne”. So I told her that it’s Dr. S now. Her response seemed like God’s answer to my predicaments. “Why Dr. S? You could have Dr. A or Dr. V. Dr. Z is the best, but the only comment I have for him is that he’s often late.” “Why, what’s wrong with Dr. S?”, I asked her. She replied, “She’s just new in the medical field. If everything’s fine with you in your prenatal, you can continue having your prenatal checkups in the private hospital, and then deliver your baby in the public hospital.”

“Did you know I was just thinking about this whole thing yesterday, and until this morning, and here you are telling me something about what to do! You must be the person that God sent me to deliver these news!” I exclaimed.

Who would think that this nurse would be the person that God would use for me to make better decisions? She was previously connected on the OBGyne’s clinic, and awhile ago I was undergoing a cardiologist’s checkup, she was also there! And she’s the second nurse who asked me directly, “why Dr. S?”

Before the checkup of the cardiologist, my weight was measured. I was surprised that I weighed 53.1kg already! So I told the nurse that I should remove my jacket. She weighed me again. This time, my weight’s 52.4kg! I was really surprised and thankful! I mentioned in my earlier post that I didn’t gain weight on my last visit to my OBGyne. In January, I weighed 50.5kg, and after being sick for almost three weeks, my weight was measured at 50.6kg. That was my weight during the first week of February. After treating my urinary tract infection two weeks ago by just taking water, it was then that I found out that my urine had glucose. So the next day after, I had my fasting blood sugar, which revealed that I have no gestational diabetes. I have become so cautious of my diet since then. For over a week now, I have been consuming lots of raw, fresh, green salads, lots of water, less rice, less carbo, more protein. The result of course was additional weight for me! Of course, I have seen it in my face, my arms, and more importantly, my belly. I was really worried about my baby’s weight then. So it was just a matter of over two weeks that I gained a considerable 1.8kg! Hola. I need to know on Saturday about the weight gain of my baby so that I could monitor my weight gain. It’s so hard to have a huge baby in my womb! A friend, who just delivered her baby the other day was induced because her baby has become so big in her belly.

It was already past 12 when we left the new hospital. We entered the old hospital to have ultrasonography. The only available sonography was black and white, no 3D. We would wait until Saturday for the SONAR. The receptionist said that ultrasonography should be conducted during the 7th or 8th month so as to clearly see the features of my baby, but we’d see if we could still see baby’s features since I’m already in my 9th month, close to 9th month, I should say.

We then went to Mothercare inside the old hospital to buy additional caps and mittens for baby. We chatted with Cathy, the saleslady there, and we learned that she delivered in the leading public hospital that I was beginning to consider for my delivery. She mentioned so many tips, her experiences from labor and delivery, to taking a bath, to child care, and anything with regard to baby and birth. That’s when I finally confirmed that I would have enough courage to give birth in the public hospital. She was also alone while in the labor and delivery room, and her husband was patiently waiting outside. She told me that a certain would be around to assist me, and a thread-like gadget would be attached to monitor my heart, and that of my baby’s heart. Whoever is the doctor on duty would assist me in the delivery…so that leaves out the proposal to have Dr. H, the fifth OBGyne I would be having, (I’m decided just now to get her check me up on my last month of pregnancy, but I would go to the public hospital this Saturday to have my records there).

We ate at the Starbucks (again), the only resto available in the old hospital. There I ate my favorite salad- this time, I chose Chicken Caesar Salad, chocolate donut, and croissant for husband, and we shared on the big-sized chocolate frappucino. Geez. Sweets again. Here are some pics taken. This time, I used our Canon 350D, not my mobile phone. Husband also brought our Sony Video cam, a gift from our holy friend. It was supposed to be used at the SONAR.

As we went out of the hospital and got a cab back home, husband and I were both relieved. He said, “now, I can function to the fullest because I don’t have worries anymore. I feel so light. My concern was your heart status that’s why we are considering the costly hospital here.” While at Starbucks, by the way, I told him, “I am now considering the public hospital because I am not sure whether having you around the labor and delivery would be beneficial or not. Of course, I wouldn’t know what you’d feel.”

“ASK and it shall be given”, I finally muttered, to which he replied, “Everytime. God works in mysterious ways, really.”


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