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Today’s freedom day here. It’s also Ash Wednesday. We attended the mass at 10a.m., had our foreheads marked with the sign of the Cross, and visited our holy friend, HLBC, afterwards. We chatted for good 30-45 minutes before we ate our lunch at the KFC. Since it’s declared holiday, we decided not to go home yet. We had a bus tour via 999 at 1:00p.m. We didn’t know about the place so it was already at the bus stop (final destination of the bus) when we learned that we were already at another province of this country! Two hours of riding the bus, not air-conditioned, hehe. The bus driver said, “I pity you. Why you didn’t tell me that you’re going to S?” (a certain city here). LOL. Honestly, no one between husband and me bothered asking where S was. We just went with the flow, where the bus would finally stop.

Since the bus stopped in front of KFC again, we decided to grab one scoop of ice cream from Baskin. After eating, we went out to withdraw money from the bank (not our bank though, another bank). We had no more cash in our pocket. The ATM machine was giving messages on the screen using the local language in this country so we decided not to withdraw since we weren’t able to understand what it said. Then we saw Burger King (BK)  and decided to eat there. I ordered King Chicken Salad, (isn’t it obvious I do eat a lot of fresh, green salad nowadays?), burger for husband. We thought we could use our debit card at the counter of BK, but they don’t have that kind of facility. Good thing, we were told that our bank has an ATM facility just at the back of BK. Whew. What a relief!

We spent a couple of 1 hour at the BK before going back home. We just arrived in our place at 7:35p.m. That meant, we spent the halfday in just commuting via the bus! LOL. It was a bus tour, unplanned road trip really. We didn’t enjoy the trip well because there was no aircon at the bus. Hehe. The cost was of course lesser than if we rode the taxi. All in all, we just spent around PhP373 for the whole ride back and forth, as compared to PhP972 had we decided to take the taxi.

While at the bus tour, several thoughts formed in my head. It’s really good to be free. Free from stresses at work, free from any unwanted concerns, free from obligations that cause headaches, free from anything that doesn’t contribute any positive effect. We have been in this country for 1.5 years already, and it was our first time for a bus tour – something we could not have done if husband’s still too attached with his work. Even though the trip wasn’t so dandy for our physical well being (it was so hard for prego-me to sit in a not-so-comfortable chair at the bus), nevertheless, we enjoyed the trip. It’s something that husband and I enjoy doing together. Both of us don’t have many friends. We just enjoy each other’s company; we enjoy good movies, good books, the Internet, our baby, and some cheap/little entertainment like short travels or long ones. Yeah, we both have common friends.

At 5:30p.m., we were already near our place, but decided to get husband’s trousers from the shop. We also bought my maternity clothes (3 pcs). These are the things that I am going to wear at the hospital. I learned that I’d be staying for 3 days at the hospital for normal delivery. already. BTW, while buying for my maternity clothes, a naypi saleslady told me, “your tummy is big. how many months now?” I said, “8th”. Then she sorted of saying, “ah small”. I’m not sure if she said that so in defense,  I said, “my first, and she’s a girl”. She said, “ah, so that’s how an 8th month of pregnancy looks like. I’m also pregnant. I’m on my 3rd month.” “WHAT?” I uttered in disbelief. “You’re pregnant, too? But it’s not obvious. When I was on my 3rd month, it already looked like I’m on my 4th or 5th.” Blah. blah. blah. While buying for my clothes, husband was hands on in picking up the clothes that would fit me. The saleslady said, “lucky you because you have a husband who’s beside you”. “Why, how about you? Where’s your husband?”, I asked. “He’s here. But we always quarrel.” “Is he also a noypi?”, I asked. “No, foreigner”, she uttered. “Oh must just be because you’re pregnant.”, I asssured her, but sensed still a hesitation in her eyes.

Well, what can I say? I am so lucky for having a supportive and loving husband. He would make a great father as well to our baby.

We finished buying at around 6:45p.m. Our feet then were already so tired! Before finally heading home, I thought of eating pizza! We ordered one box of Italian pizza, chicken-flavored. Whoa. What a fantastic way to celebrate freedom, of course with a cost – tired feet and body.

Upon reaching home, I saw that my feet and legs were swollen! I was thinking that it’s because of the weight gain I had – 1.8kg in two weeks this month. Good thing, the swelling just vanished after a few minutes; must be just so tired. Imagine being outside for 9.5 hours, and to think that I’m on my 35th week of pregnancy!

I’m simply tired. Got to rest now.



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veronica lee’s last blog post..How Husbands Make Lunch…

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