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Posted on : 01-03-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Parenting, Pregnancy

We saw our baby for the first time in 3D yesterday. Husband and I were both amazed! Our baby looks just like me. Hehehe. But I think she would get her daddy’s nose. Well, I certainly hope!

I am already on my 35th week of pregnancy, so the 3D screen was kinda blurry. The nurse said that I should have taken the 3D ultrasound during my 5th until 7th month for easy detection of the baby’s features because there are still much fluid that time. But good thing, we still saw our baby’s features in the 3D ultrasound.

We’re thankful we were able to video the 3D ultrasound. Our baby smiled and that smile lingered in my consciousness. The dad-to-be wished that one or two features would also come from him. Hehe. I was laughing hard when he told me, “I would ensure that our second baby would also get my features. Imagine, even the gender of our first baby, she got it from you”. Hehehe.

We watched our baby’s video for several times (this reminds me that we need to convert the video and send it to our families back home) until night time. Husband even dreamt of our baby’s future looks. He even searched for the pictures of the face – a lookalike of a foreign actress. Hahaha.

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