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Posted on : 04-03-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Life's Musings, Pregnancy, Spirituality

Last night, I was a bit sentimental and anxious over my upcoming labor and delivery. I kept on hearing other people’s remarks that childbirth is painful. I also have been reading lots of articles about childbirth such that my mind has gone rocking with fear. Husband comforted me by saying that I should be excited because in a few weeks, we’d gonna have our baby.

We went to the public maternity hospital in the province we are in. It’s a decent one; something that we didn’t imagine. Previously, we were brought by our messenger to the public clinic here, which we thought was the government hospital. That’s when we opted to get the services of the private clinics. But since the price discrepancy between the two is a thousand times, and the public hospital is more equipped than the private ones, as they say here, we have finally decided to go for the public hospital. While we were there at the public hospital, we approached someone from our home country. She guided us because we don’t speak the country’s language. It was so kind of her to go with us until we rode the taxi in going to the public clinic. We had to get a referral from the public clinic before we can have a record at the public hospital. This female we approached, now a new friend, really risked herself in going with us. It turned out that she has no valid papers anymore. Whoa. What a kindred spirit! I wish that her case would soon be resolved. Thanks God for giving us a new found friend. She is paying forward because she said that someone also took the risk of helping her out for nine months, and until now. God really sends someone who can help us in any way that we are needing His help.

I immediately logged into my yahoo messenger account in my mobile phone. I thought mama’s offline so I just sent her an offline message. But later she answered, and so we chatted for 30 minutes or more. I asked mama about labor and delivery, about what I would feel, about what she did when she was pregnant with me and my four siblings. I salute mama for being so strong. I asked her if she underwent an unmedicated or medicated labor. She said it was all natural, without medication. I asked her if papa was with her in her labor room. Mama said that she was all alone since she was told that she would just like to be pampered, or say, “maubu-ubo” if papa would go with her inside the labor room. That’s when I thought that it was OK to be on my own at the delivery room, which is the normal case here.

After chatting with mama, I suddenly felt the confidence I needed to have for my labor and delivery. A mother has her own way to pacify any fear that her child feels. Really. I thanked my mama after our chat.

Papa and mama are offering a novena for nine days for me. My siblings are praying for me, too. My husband and I are also offering our novena here. I know that my friends here are also praying for me. Yesterday, I got a prayer for childbirth, which really touched me. Click here to read the prayer.

God is with us; who can be against us?

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