God works in mysterious ways


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When I say that “God works in mysterious ways”, I could provide concrete examples now. It’s maybe because I have stopped depending on my own way. I have learned to embrace God’s ways to provide for my own needs. I pray, and I let Him do the rest.

Living overseas is a scary experience especially for first time would-be-parents. My husband and I have really managed well, praying smartly at night, and allowing God to be the center of our lives. God blessed us with friends from the Church. He also blessed us with other people who are instruments for us to meet what we need in life, particularly, with our first pregnancy and delivery.

When we’d finally decided to go for the public hospital here, everything went on smoothly, although there were some glitches along the way. Those glitches are incomparable to the joys we are feeling.

Last March 5, we went to the government hospital here, and we approached someone, a naypi, S, who is my new friend now. She helped us because we could not speak the local language here, and she even risked herself in helping us. It’s not appropriate to discuss here the risk she did (for herself). But later on, I found out that she’s just paying forward. She now lives with someone who got her back to her “sanity”.

On March 7, I had my first facial from S. We visited her in the abode where she stays for free. There I met Ate A, who I learned gave birth to three healthy kids in the public hospital that I am considering to deliver my baby a few weeks from now. Ate A is still in contact with her doctor and nurse! Isn’t that amazing? She told me that she would contact the doctor and nurse. She told me to tell the doctor that I am her niece just so I would be taken care of. This morning, I was able to talk with the doctor, and she’s expecting me to see her on Sunday. Thanks God!

Last night, too, my current OBGyne gave my husband and me a free gift – 4D ultrasound. She gave it for free because she already learned that I had my 3d ultrasound a few weeks back. I asked the receptionist about the cost of the 4d ultrasound hadn’t it been given for free – that would cost PhP6,620. Hmmm.

Then today, I learned from my husband that a colleague would give us a free crib! Whoa! When we bought our baby’s things, we excluded buying the crib. For one thing, it’s so huge to transport it from the mall to our house. Another thing, we were hoping that someone would give us a free crib. Presto! God already sent us a person who would give us this free crib. I will post pics (crib + items included for bedding) once we received them.

Our hearts are forever grateful for the many ways that God has showered us with His unconditional love. The only way to experience this unconditional love is to allow our hearts freely for God to do the wonders in our lives. We should pray and help ourselves, and if we can’t solve a problem, let God do the rest. Just keep the faith!


I start each day by surrendering all to the blessed Saviour.

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hi veronica, i agree…we have to surrender everything to Him, and He’ll provide anything we need…

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