Vaccinations schedule for my baby, and my life path…


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I’m very much relieved, right now, since baby has no fever anymore. She had a slight fever last night, a normal reaction from the vaccinations she had yesterday at the clinic. Even though my baby had slight fever last night, she managed to smile and respond to me, a gesture which made us (husband and me) cry last night when I told him about it upon his return from work.

If I am not mistaken, she was given 3 vaccinations on her 2nd month: Hepatitis B (2nd dose, the 1st dose was given on her birth at the hospital); Oral Polio (2nd dose; 1st dose was given at birth. I have to ask about the 2nd dose on Sunday because I think this wasn’t given yesterday); DPT (1st dose); and H. Influenza B (1st dose).

Here’s the schedule of her other vaccinations in the coming months and years:

  • 3 months (June 28): BCG
  • 4 months (July 28): Oral Polio (3rd dose); DPT (2nd dose); H. Influenza B (2nd dose)
  • 6 months (Sept28): Hepatitis B (3rd dose); Oral Polio (4th dose); DPT (3rd dose); H. Influenza B (3rd dose)
  • 1 year (April 27’10): MMR (1st dose)
  • 1.5 years (Oct27’10): Oral Polio (5th dose); DPT (4th dose); H. Influenza B (4th dose)
  • 2 years (April 27, ’11): Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine
  • 2.5 years (Oct27,’11): Oral Polio (6th dose)
  • 3.5 years (Oct27,’12): DPT (5th dose)
  • 4.5 years (Oct27,’13): Oral Polio (7th dose)
  • School Entry (TBA): MMR (2nd dose)

I’m free today to do all the things I wanted to do because it’s my husband’s turn to take care of our baby. Woot. It’s a relief for me. Ooops. Don’t get me wrong. I love taking care of my baby. She’s so adorable. But, yep, mommy needs time for herself, too. I am the one in-charge of taking care our baby 5x a week from Sunday to Thursday, and it’s hubby’s turn on Friday and Saturday. Well, even though I have two days off, I can’t still get to do all the things I wanted to do. Haha. That means I’m overwhelmed with what I should do. I have lots of ideas, interests, and my mind works all the time, thinking of various things.

Whenever I babysit my baby, I steal some minutes, or an hour to surf the Web, watch videos, and blog a little. I planned to read my pending readings today, but I also feel the urge to surf the Web. But, yes, there’s not much concentration because I am also tempted to catch some sleep while baby sleeps.

This time, I planned to read some good readings on my cabinet. I spotted on the e-books I printed a year ago about Financial Success. Duh. I wish to be financially free, really, that is, without waiting for paycheck to come in. I want my own business/company to flourish…soon…because it hasn’t started yet. It just couldn’t take off because my hands are full.

While reading through the pages of the printed e-book, I saw this sort of reminder to myself regarding my life path, of which majority of the results of the Life Path, really, I don’t remember where I got it so there’s no way for me to acknowledge the source. Let me just quote the words verbatim: Read the rest of this entry »

Video: Awareness video on Gaucher’s disease


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This is a touching video of Little Miss Hannah, who’s suffering from a rare genetic disorder. Let’s pray that a cure for Gaucher’s type 2 and 3 be discovered soon.

Video: Baby wants to eat/bite her mommy:)


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Hehe. It must be very painful on her mother’s face.

The baby must be teething? I don’t know.

Nowadays, my baby has been drooling. Is that a symptom of teething? Goodness, she’s just two months old. Yay!

Milestones of my two-month old baby


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Yesterday, my baby celebrated her 2nd month birthday. Yey! During her first month birthday, we invited a couple of friends, but yesterday, we decided to celebrate her 2nd month birthday as a family. We originally planned to celebrate at the mall, but since it was already past 8 in the evening, I told husband to just buy food from McDonald’s, cake from Mr. Baker, and he suggested to buy pancit. Woosh. Too bad the cake looks so small I couldn’t post the pic elsewhere on the Web.

On the eve of my baby’s 2nd month birthday, at exactly 10 o’clock in the evening, I just said the word “hello” to her, and she answered back “hello” to my uttermost amazement! I woke up my husband, who was barely sleeping, just closing his eyes, perhaps, and asked if he heard the word, “hello”. He said no. He must be asleep, hehe, so I talked to my baby again, just saying the word, “hello”, and this time, husband heard her say the word!  I repeated the word, “hello” for six more times and she said hello back. I was crying out of joy! My sleepless and restless nights for the past two months really paid off.

I know that sometimes I am still tempted to work immediately or to go on scholarship as I had mentioned in my earlier post. Well, I am still restless and sleepless for two months now (after childbirth). Thanks, God, for giving me the strength to carry on. Our previous househelp already left Read the rest of this entry »

Video: Workout dog


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SIGH. This dog is physically fit than I am. I wish I would have a good workout, too, to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape.