Motherhood is 24×7


Posted on : 24-05-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Business, Life's Musings, Parenting, Startups

I’m a new mom, and I love being one to my baby. It’s been almost two months since I delivered her, and finally, my tear has already healed.

For the past few days, my mind was undecided over taking a scholarship next year or finding a new job elsewhere (here in this foreign land we are in) or via telecommute. This means that if I take on the latter, I would work by next month; and, if I take on the first option, I would just be a full-time mom for 1.5 years. During the course of my 9-month pregnancy, I decided to be a full-time mom and wife for two years; but, after childbirth, there are occasions wherein I am tempted to look for a job or a scholarship.

Two days ago, I enrolled in an online class in preparation for the scholarship I shall be taking. However, my mind is nowhere. Surely I would read the lessons but not much with proper concentration. My mind is focused on my baby. We can hire a full-time nanny; but, I can’t guarantee that that nanny would give the best of care that only me, as a mommy, can give my child.

Motherhood is a tough job; but, the most fulfilling job I’ve ever encountered. My days and nights are filled with soothing my baby, diapering her, and feeding her. Moments with my are more enjoyable now because she responds to what we are “reading”, she learns how to talk, she is a keen observer at a young age. I know that it’s only me who can give her the best care that she needs for her total development. Last night, I finally decided to give up first the scholarship, and yes, the job. They could wait. Time will tell. I wouldn’t stop harnessing my talents and skills, though.

I would continue, though, my habits of learning, reading, writing for my self-development. I am planning to write a book for my baby and other children. I am also thinking of pushing through the graphics and Web design skills that I am trying to polish. We’ll see what I can come up. I would also occasionally attend to the startup that I founded last year but was put on hold due to my pregnancy and childbirth. However, my priority right now is my baby. At least, attending to my own startup company has no pressure at this time. I know when to start, and when to stop, without minding anyone from the management side (if it’s owned by anyone else).

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