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Yesterday, my baby celebrated her 2nd month birthday. Yey! During her first month birthday, we invited a couple of friends, but yesterday, we decided to celebrate her 2nd month birthday as a family. We originally planned to celebrate at the mall, but since it was already past 8 in the evening, I told husband to just buy food from McDonald’s, cake from Mr. Baker, and he suggested to buy pancit. Woosh. Too bad the cake looks so small I couldn’t post the pic elsewhere on the Web.

On the eve of my baby’s 2nd month birthday, at exactly 10 o’clock in the evening, I just said the word “hello” to her, and she answered back “hello” to my uttermost amazement! I woke up my husband, who was barely sleeping, just closing his eyes, perhaps, and asked if he heard the word, “hello”. He said no. He must be asleep, hehe, so I talked to my baby again, just saying the word, “hello”, and this time, husband heard her say the word!  I repeated the word, “hello” for six more times and she said hello back. I was crying out of joy! My sleepless and restless nights for the past two months really paid off.

I know that sometimes I am still tempted to work immediately or to go on scholarship as I had mentioned in my earlier post. Well, I am still restless and sleepless for two months now (after childbirth). Thanks, God, for giving me the strength to carry on. Our previous househelp already left due to some family problems in her home country. We are still finding someone to help us at home, but not to fully take charge in taking care of my baby. I want to be hands on in giving the best baby care to ensure my baby’s total development, particularly, in the next two years. The first two years of a baby girl is the most important stage that she undergoes, and I wanted to make sure that I am there all the way.

What are my baby’s milestones so far?

  • 3-day old: Holding her bottle all by herself (Of course, with the support of her daddy’s hands, but she was the one who aggressively pulled her bottle unto her mouth. She must be very hungry then after we were discharged from the hospital and hubby and I weren’t prepared yet with her feeding materials – no sterilizer yet, no milk, and no bottles at that time. We had bottles from the Mother Care, but they were so big for our baby’s mouth.)
  • 5-day old: She slept on her side.
  • 11-day old: First laugh
  • 14-day old: Knows how to pose for the camera
  • 22-day old: Said the word, “uu”, (for pooping)
  • one day before her 1st month b-day: She would stiffen her arms and legs (as if she’s standing) whenever her daddy sang the national anthem.
  • one-month old: She rolled over on her side
  • three days before her 2nd month b-day: Thumb-sucking and making bubbles in her mouth
  • two days before her 2nd month b-day: Responds to the words “beautiful eyes” by closing and opening her eyes repeatedly
  • a day before her 2nd month b-day: She would say the word, “ako”…I don’t know if she really means that or she knows the meaning of that word, but it’s what we hear from her repeatedly. Well, as mentioned earlier, another word, which she repeatedly say, is “hello”.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, she has been smiling a lot even before her first month b-day. And she listens attentively to anything that airs the English language. She watches movies, too! My goodness, just like her daddy, who’s a movie addict.

There are other milestones that my baby exhibits everyday of her growing days. I’m sure I have forgotten some of them due to lack of sleep and rest. Nah. I’m just saving myself from my carelessness. I thought I was able to memorize all in my mind so I didn’t jot them down as they came along.

Anyway, I’m a first-time mommy so I don’t know which of the above milestones are normal/rare for a baby girl. Whatever/whichever is normal or is rare for a baby girl to do during her 0 age and early months of life, there’s only ONE thing I can say: I’M A PROUD MOMMY! She’s SMART! She got brains and beauty. I know. I am her mommy. :)

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