Breastfeeding, formula feeding, and weight gain after childbirth


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My sister said that I’m back to my passionate blogging. Yay!

And when I blog, I blog a lot of topics in one entry. I can’t control my fingers, or, should I say, I am just trying to maximize my time while my baby sleeps.

Speaking of sleep, I’ve been wondering why my baby is such a sleepyhead. I know that it’s normal for a baby to sleep a lot; however, I noticed that her feeding pattern has also been affected. Prior to her 2nd month birthday, she has been feeding actively. She could finish a bottle (60ml) in just 5 minutes, and when still hungry, she’d ask for another 30ml. That was the time when her formula milk was S26. Since she was having facial rashes (until now), her Pedia said that we should shift to S26 HA. We changed to S26 HA last May 26, and since then, my baby’s feeding pattern has been affected. I am not sure though if it’s the cause, or, she’s just too sleepy. She falls asleep whenever she’s feeding. Although she was sleeping while feeding when she was still young, she was able to finish her milk, but, this time, we are having a hard time with her feeding.

Yesterday, I talked with a friend over the phone and she asked me if my baby’s being breastfed. I said “not anymore”, and to her amazement, of course. She’s still breastfeeding her baby who just turned 1 year old two months ago. Of course, as a mommy, I do feel bad with the thought that I am not breastfeeding my baby anymore. I used to have ample supply of breast milk. I wonder how it just happened that it dried up, painfully, slowly, until I could no longer extract milk. I do feel bad about it, especially, since my baby isn’t that BIG at birth. But what could I do? She got accustomed to bottle feeding for two months now. My friend said that if the mother is willing, the milk would just come out. NICE IDEA. I am very much willing. I will try again. On the second thought, I realized, how could I breastfeed my baby when I am just too tired and restless? It’s been two months now since that unforgettable night of childbirth, but I don’t have enough rest yet. Since I have not been breastfeeding, too, I also didn’t mind what I was eating. I have been on diet for a week now. Most of the time, I just eat White Meat Tuna, half cup of rice, cucumber slices, and afterwards I drink hot green tea. This sort of food dieting has led me to lose 2inches off the waist! Huwaw. OK. I still need to lose 3 inches, though. Sigh. AM I THAT BIG? How on earth did I become so BIG!

Oh yeah. I just couldn’t go on diet if I would try to breastfeed my baby again. I know I have to eat nutritious food for my baby’s sake and that of myself, too. But since we don’t have a househelp anymore, it’s just too tasking for me to prepare food. Why? I would just rather sleep. I am a sleep-deprived person for how many months now – let me count – 9 months during my pregnancy (I was already sleep deprived), and yes, my baby is now two months old, I am still sleep-deprived. I am not complaining, though, but, yeah, the lack of sleep causes obesity. Oh no.

First things first, I need to reorganize my life, my schedule, and my plans. I have to focus on what is the present – my baby needs my breastmilk. God knows how much I tried to breastfeed my baby, but could it be that I haven’t really tried hard? Could there be doubts in my mind that I wasn’t giving my baby enough milk that’s why I gave her formula milk? I know that it’s typical for a mother to think that way that she might not be giving much milk from her breast. Could it be that I find it so painful to pump? My goodness! The most painful thing on earth is labor and episitiomy! OK. I will pump again this week. I just need to eat nutritious foods again. SIGH. It feels good to talk with oneself. I do it all the time. (grins)

Time to let my baby burp! CIAO!

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