America’s most promising startups


Posted on : 06-06-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Life's Musings, Startups

STARTUP – a new operation or practice

Whoa. I love startups. I love to read about startups that have flourished or are promising. There are just some companies that wouldn’t just admit that they’re startups! Well, anyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. What’s important is the business model of the startup. If you have a business model, well, there’s no doubt that your startup would be a success. If you don’t have a solid business model but throws your ideas abruptly without any plan at all, you’ll know where the business is heading.

I just read from Business Week the 63 profiled promising startups in America. Whoa. I hope that my startup would be a promising one, too. I won’t be blogging about what my startup is all about. Updates about it could wait for sometime. My free days (two days) every week are reserved for life pathing, business pathing, and more offline and online readings.


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