Karina Oakley: Genius toddler’s IQ of 160 matches the IQs of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking


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Whoa. What an amazing gift, indeed, to be given such brilliance at age 2! I’m quite thrilled to read about the story of Karina Oakley, a genius toddler with IQ of 160 that parallels the minds of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. Karina’s mother said that she stayed at home with her for three years. These are her words to explain Karina’s intelligence:

I have stayed at home with her for almost three years, I have always talked to her a lot, always tried to answer her questions, we do a lot of things, we go to the park and we are part of various groups, that must make a difference.

On a related note, would my child be a genius toddler as well? I hope so. Haha. (Pwera bati), she’s been showing signs of developments that are advanced for a two-month old.

I’m a SAHM at the moment, and hopes to stay the same for two years (with business on the side which is done right at the comfort of our home). Our typical day consists of book reading, watching baby einstein’s video (she watches the video intently), listening to nursery rhymes, vocabulary words (audio), tonque twisters, watching learning english with misterduncan videos on the TV screen, watching some cartoons or rather “listening” to video (while she sleeps (the movies play on the background), listening to BBC news. She also listens to the audio book of Rhonda Byrne, The Secret. The audio plays on the background as she sleeps. Sometimes I play the audio book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

While I was pregnant with her, I read to her the book Master English in 28 days. Prior to reaching her 2nd month, she has been uttering four words (pwera bati). These days, she loves to listen to me as I speak or she watches me as I open my mouth. Whoa. We’ll wait and see. I want her to enjoy childhood so in a few weeks, I will be introducing toys that are suitable for her age.

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