Background TV delays infant’s speech?


Posted on : 10-06-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

I sent my husband a link from the MSNBC about dads’ roles in reducing risky teen sex. The article says:

Moms help, but an involved father has twice the influence

A doting father is what teenagers need to prevent them from engaging in risky teen sex. Read more  here…

Husband sent back a link from MSNBC about a study that even background TV may delay infants’ speech:

Kids heard 770 fewer words from adults for each hour TV was on

I became worried after reading the study, but I scrutinized our TV viewing habit. I let the TV on when my baby is awake. I let her watch Baby Einstein’s movie for 30minutes or an hour. After that, when she sleeps, I play the nursery rhymes, music on the TV. I also play the vocabulary words audio on the TV. When my child is awake again, I read to her the children’s books. Right now, as she sleeps, I play the audio book of Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.

I don’t think the things I am doing such as playing the TV on the background would delay my baby’s speech. It will only delay if there’s not much interaction between her and me. My baby receives a lot of interaction. I talk to her a lot during the day and night whenever she’s awake. I don’t turn on the TV (for watching movies) for a longish time, usually, an hour or two is enough for movies. Yes, we have to be careful on what to watch while the TV plays on the background as she sleeps. Well, sometimes, I watch documentary films such as The Art of War. Haha. Well, as early as two months, she now knows how to protect herself. 😀

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