Green Barley for boosting immune systems during swine flu outbreak


Posted on : 10-06-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

I went out of the house today, my 2nd time to go out after childbirth. The first time I went out was last month when I was still feeling dizzy. These days I no longer feel dizzy when going out. I am taking Green Barley as supplement. It is so effective on my muscle pain, too. Last night, my left leg’s vein was a bit inflamed. I drank two tablespoons of Green Barley and put the juice on the inflamed part. I was able to move my left leg at once with minimal pain. Thanks to my sister for introducing Green Barley to our family. Green Barley is an effective, organic, natural cure for body aches, dreaded diseases, and for increased stamina and energy. During these times of swine flu outbreak, it is also highly recommended to drink Green Barley in order to boost our immune systems. Green Barley is 11 times the calcium in cow’s milk, and 7 times the vitamin C in oranges. Know more about Green Barley or contact me here on where you can get green barley.

I went out to withdraw money from the bank, and to remit money. I wasn’t feeling nervous while walking along the busy street unlike before. Prior to going out, I uttered a prayer to God that people would not dare touch me or capture me because they would see that I have bodyguards with me (even when I am just alone). While walking towards the bank, I went inside a garment store. My attention was captured because of the BIG SALE! I emerged like a million dollar richer because I was able to buy 6 pieces of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes for just a minimal amount. (wink*wink*wink)

I was too engrossed in buying when husband called me on the phone. I realized I already spent two hours away from home. Hehe. He must be very anxious about my whereabouts. He just asked me if I already finished doing my purpose outside. I said yes, and I was just buying. Buying what? He asked. I told him buying clothes and shoes. LOL.

I went home with good feelings. I thought I was in cloud 9. I didn’t buy shirts or cheap clothing. I wasn’t aware of the brand but I thought the quality’s of high standard. I wore them again in front of the mirror. An idea dawned on me! I shouldn’t be wearing shirts and jeans anymore. If I have to wear jeans, the top shouldn’t be a shirt. Whoa. It feels good to break free!!!

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