Who’s closer to baby – mom or dad?


Posted on : 10-06-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

Haha. I’m laughing while I write this entry. My baby used to be closer to her daddy, as her daddy thought a few weeks back. Last June 6 or 7 at 1:24 a.m., my baby was very happy to see me after 7 hours or more of not seeing her. At night, it’s her daddy who takes care of her. At that particular night/early morning of June 6 or 7, I went to my baby’s mattress on our bed (she doesn’t sleep on her crib at night) for me to say goodnight. As she saw my face, she was too excited that she smiled and cooed a lot. Whoa. Husband said that he never experienced it yet.

Last night, as the three of us were having some family time at bed, my baby kept on looking and smiling at me, wiggling her body and arms, a sign of excitement to see her mommy. The daddy was, of course, so envious. He had to beg from our baby to also smile at him. Haha. No amount of forcing our baby to look at him could do the trick. The daddy was literally in tears. Hahaha. He felt that our baby is no longer close to him or she doesn’t recognize him anymore. It’s her mommy that she recognizes most of the time. LOL.

It’s important to give or spend quality time with babies. I told my husband to stop watching the TV while he feeds our baby, and that he should talk to her more often. Husband says that he is attentive to our baby, but how come, she’s not as excited as when she sees mommy? Well, it’s just a phase, perhaps. I, too, felt leftout when our baby was just a month old or less. I wasn’t the one who bath her or change her nappies when she was just a few days old or a few weeks old. It took me a longish time before I was able to establish a bonding moment with my baby. Take note, I don’t breastfeed anymore. So what I do is I always cuddle my baby and hug her everyday. Yesterday, as I was hugging her, I felt a tugging pain in my heart (no!, not a heart problem, que horror!). It was a loving pain coming from a mother’s heart. I just couldn’t believe that after a longish waiting of six years, I finally have a baby who could melt my heart, and my kisses couldn’t just be enough to tell her how much I love her.

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