On setting priorities and in choosing who we want to be


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Being a new mommy, I have a lot of things to do, really, a myriad of things to do at home and with my personal life. Oftentimes I am baffled with what to prioritize!

Stephen Covey says it well in a video from YouTube (embedding disabled so just click on this link to view the video).  It’s just a matter of choosing the important things on our to-do list and not reacting on urgent, unimportant/trivial things.

Prior to watching the video, I already wrote my to-do list for today. I crossed out those that were already done. I prioritized those that were easy-to-do. I still have three pending things to do from the 10 ToDos that I identified for the day.

One thing I do know is that – no matter how busy I would seem to be (in my mind), my priority is my baby. When she’s awake, I interact with her a lot. I talk to her, read her a book, teach her the ABCs, and count to her the numbers 1-10, and other fun things to do. I make it a point to ask my baby these two questions: “Are you OK?” and “Are you happy?” as borrowed from the greetings of Misterduncan in his Learning English with Misterduncan videos. My baby may not answer me yet, but the cute smile that she gives me is enough guarantee that she’s perfectly doing all right.

It’s also my priority to record her feeding pattern for the day. I have a quota to meet. She should consume at least 600ml for the day during her 2nd month. I started recording it this month, but was only consistent in recording her feeding pattern since June 9. Soon I will make a chart of her weekly feedings.

I am still coping with the demands of household chores, in particular, in cooking our meals, and in maintaining the cleanliness of our house. It’s just two months since I gave birth so my body is still recuperating from the rigors of sleepless nights. But, in totality, I am overjoyed of having a baby who surprises me everyday with her new antics. I was just saying to my husband that when it comes to our baby, it’s as if I’m dealing with a year old baby or a 2-year old baby and not with a 2-month old. (pwera bati!)

From now on, it would be my habit to record my ToDos for the day, and screen out the important things and do them right away.

In a related video, former CEO of iBeams Peter Desnoes, talks about knowing what’s important in one’s life and being solely responsible for that in order to know who/what a person wants to be. He explained it well through his words to live by:

Figure out where you want to go and then you figure out the path to get there.

At the end of the day, no one is responsible for the trip, for that journey than you.

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