My 2-month old knows how to answer with “yes” and “no”!


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My hubby and I were both astonished one early morning (June 15, at 3:25a.m.). I was talking with my baby that she should sleep then because mommy needed to sleep, too. So we talked and talked and talked for five minutes or more when I asked her: “Do you want to play?” She answered by nodding her head. That time hubby was looking at us. He was already quite amused. I asked again, “Mommy needs to sleep. Do you also want to sleep?” She answered by moving her head to the left and right as if saying “no”. Whoa! Are we having a baby genius here? (Pwera bati – PB!)

This morning, I asked my baby if she wanted to take a bath. While asking her, I was nodding my head so that she would nod, too. But ala! She said no by moving her head to the left and to the right. Whoala!

Sources say babies learn sign language first before they become verbal. My baby’s just over two months old. Isn’t that so advanced for her age? (PB!)

Advantages of Baby Sign Language (before baby can talk):

  • have higher IQ scores
  • are better adjusted
  • read at an earlier age

I will explore the Web on how to teach my baby sign language while she’s trying to learn verbally.

Sign Language Links for me to read:

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