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I got a new hobby – that is, making of paper beads jewelry. The process is enjoyable and economical. I have lots of colored magazines at home so instead of throwing them away, why not make use of them first. (In fact, I haven’t read all of the mags here at home.)

My friend and I went to the City the other night to buy some beads and strings to accessorize the paper stuffs I made; but, heavens, they were so costly! I will buy beads in the Phils. during our vacation six months from now.

Here are the stuffs I made out of paper and (some commercial beads to accessorize):

Bookmark: not made of paper, but of string and one wooden bead

Bookmark: not made of paper, but of string and one wooden bead


Hi — just blogging hopping from MBC.

I love it when people make beautiful and useful things from things that would be thrown away.

Dee 😀

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Hello, we are so pleased to see people practice our favorite craft!
Mzuribeads have been individually hand rolling beads from recycled paper to make unique beads and jewellery from the village of Ndejje in Uganda for over three years. I would like everyone interested in our art to visit our website, where you can locate a stockist near you or goto our online shop to buy our loose paper beads and paper bead jewellery. Keep beading…and spread the recycled bead word Thank you, Kirstie

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