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Posted on : 21-07-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

Payatot. Thin. Daif.

How mean can people be!

She saw us. He saw us. They both saw our baby for the first time. We both have daughters of almost the same age, OK, just a month apart. She gave birth to a very big baby girl at 8 pounds, while I gave birth to my baby at 5.6 pounds. Just imagine the difference. At four months, their baby weighs 7.8 kilos. Well, my baby is quite petite, but, hey, her weight and height are both on the average for a three month old.

Then this woman uttered this disgusting word a mother can hear – PAYATOT. Bulls&#$!…My baby may be quite petite, but, she’s perfectly healthy (PB!). And my God, her mental age is advanced for her age. Well, physically speaking, too, she’s so advanced. Then I heard her husband say, “our baby rolled over today”, (at four months), to which I say, “oh, my baby rolled over at 17 days (later I thought at barely two months). Really, I must be very upset then why I said those words (although it was just a matter of fact). If I had to be really mean, well, I could have said, “your baby is obese – must be malnourished?” God, I am not adept at hurling bad words. Thanks heavens!

Wadever. My baby is unique. My baby is beautiful. My baby is my precious gift. Same as any body else’s baby. Why not mind “your” own?

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