On children becoming bilinguals


Posted on : 22-07-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Online News, Parenting

The title of the article, “how children become bilingual easily”, caught my attention. For one thing, I have a new baby, three-month old and counting, who is NOW talking. Well, she can speak a few English words, one Ar@bic, one Filipino, and maybe one word from my dialect. Whoa. Call her multilingual at her age! PB! Another thing, I am trying to learn a third language – Ar@bic. I wonder why I haven’t learned much during the past two years; must be because majority of our waking hours is spent with people who speak English. Now that our Indonesian maid is back with us (sometime last first week of this month), I am forced to “study” Ar@bic, the second language she fluently speaks. What we do is that she studies English with me, and I study Ar@bic with her. What a good trade of language skills!

Yesterday morning, I heard our maid say about what to talk to/with baby (Baby’s actively blabbering nowadays) for she doesn’t know how to speak English. So she speaks in the second language that she is comfortable with. After reading the article on how children become bilinguals easily, I became comfortable that she speaks Ar@bic to baby, while I speak in English and Filipino.

Whoa. I am sure that before my baby reaches the age of 7, she must be speaking several languages.

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