Jollibee on wheels


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My sis sent me these photos from our hometown, and whoala!

I was… (you fill in the blank)


Nannying Part II


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“Madam, can you please call the store? I will buy cellphone load because my friend is sick. I will call her.” said the maid at around 6p.m. last night.

“OK. Get the phone and I’ll call the store.” I said.

At 9p.m., someone called her, and she was teary-eyed. Did I sense drama?

“Why?” I asked.

“My friend is so sick. I will go there tonight.”

“Are you sure? What is her illness? You know I have a baby you can’t just go to the hospital.”

“It’s bad that I won’t see her. She might be dead.” Then tears fell on her eyes.

OH GOD. What a crazy idea! Why would she sacrifice herself for her friend when in fact she just can’t go out because…of delicate matter.

“Can you just call your friend?”

“No. I must see her.”

“OK. I will ask your sir about his decision.”

I called my husband on his mobile, and the maid went to her bedroom. When she came back to the living room, she already changed her clothes. Read the rest of this entry »



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I hate it when I become so kind to wrong people. Oftentimes, someone would take advantage of my kindness – like my househelp. It’s as if she regards us as her sister/brother (her bosses at home). Last night, I was telling hubby that our househelp sleeps a lot; she can sleep for straight long hours of 7 or 8 hours at night, and one hour in the morning and a nap of one or two hours in the afternoon.

How about me, the new mom? I’m lucky to get an uninterrupted sleep of two hours at night, and 30minutes of sleep in the afternoon. Goly crap. I don’t complain being a new mom with no sleep at all. What am I complaining is the fact that this helper is so irresponsible.

She rarely cleans the house. She does clean but only on the surface. She cooks food but at times that it’s already late. She loves to watch movies. She loves to sleep.

This morning, I gave her my baby at around 7a.m., for I had to sleep for at least three hours before my baby would eat her solid. I slept until 10a.m., and started preparing baby’s food. I told hubby to tell our helper to wake up at 6a.m., instead of 7a.m., and she must get our baby from our room at around 7a.m. so that I can sleep until 10a.m. This morning, too, I told her to clean everything in the living room. Gosh, I heard her say that she cleans everything in the living room at least once a week. Golly. We are situated in a country where there is always a sandstorm. What can you expect in your place? Of course, the sand and dust. How come she’s so stubborn and so negligent of her work?

This afternoon, while she was looking after baby (baby’s watching the video Baby Einstein), this helper fell asleep. I told her to look after my baby, and she mustn’t sleep! For heaven’s sake! I told her that she sleeps a lot; that she sleeps for straight 8 hours a night! How come that she must sleep still in the afternoon? It must be my fault. When she was still new here at home, I told her to take a nap in the afternoon. That was because my baby was still too young, and I was just the one looking after my baby. I told her, too, that I have a friend who works as helper for a local resident here, and this friend of mine wakes up at night to prepare the milk and carry the baby of her employer cries at night! I told her, too, that at this house, she’s lucky because I don’t require her to do that! But she MUST be very responsible when she looks after my baby! She shouldn’t sleep during the day! Read the rest of this entry »

The counting baby


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My gifted baby (pwera bati) turned five months today. And oh, how she’d love to be on her own! Is she declaring independence already? Oh no.

For several days now, she has been crawling a lot. When she crawls, she does it from point to point if and only if we’d leave her alone. Not only that, she would act as if she’s jumping. She’d throw her body while she’s rolling over. Oh God.

Last night, while she was lying on her stomach, her yaya witnessed that she was acting as if she was counting her fingers. Her left hand was on the bed while she looked at her right hand and started moving her fingers like she was counting them. Read the rest of this entry »

“I love you” from my baby


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My ears smiled. My heart cried.

I said the words, “i love you”, to my baby, which I often do to her.  Then her daddy heard her say it back. I didn’t hear it well. I repeated saying the words, and she answered back the words “love you” for three more times. I was happy I couldn’t cry. Then when she was drinking her milk, I said the words again. In between her sucking of the bottle’s nipple, she said “i love you” or “love you”, and she was looking at me when she said those words. Those meaningful, loving words were directed to me. My throat got dry. Tears welled in my eyes. I cried hard. I covered my face with the blanket because she was looking at me. My hubby cried as well. When I looked at the eyes of my baby, her eyes were misty, too.

I smiled and kissed her. I said sorry for the many times my temperament went wild. I told her once again that mommy’s just extremely worried because she isn’t drinking much milk. Right now, she’s having confusions over her feeding bottles. She thought the nipple of her bottle is the same as her spoon. Oh no. Had I known that feeding her with solid is just like weaning her from her milk, I shouldn’t have given her solid yet. I should have waited until she reaches her 6th month. But, glad that she ate a lot this morning after drinking green barley.

Her daddy pleaded to tell him the words, too, but to no avail. She just looked at me. She may have said early on the words “daddy, dad” but not “mommy” yet, but to be able to hear the words “i love you” is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. My sleepless nights and restlessness for barely five months now vanished instantly. I felt energized. Read the rest of this entry »