Developmental Milestones of Baby at 4 months


Posted on : 04-08-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

It dawned on me that I barely had enough time to blog although I long had wanted to. For one thing, I was busy with the christening of my baby three days before her 4th month birthday. Another thing, I barely had enough rest because of too much activities at home – parties, chitchats, and lots of musings about life.

Pwera bati, my baby is gifted – no doubt about it. While it is very ironic that she first uttered the word “lola” (for persons) and not mommy or daddy, still I was so happy upon hearing it. The word “lola” was the one that our dear friend told my baby to call her, maybe for a month now; but, it was only during the christening of my baby that she uttered that word 2x. Goodness. My two friends in front of me and my baby were really shocked upon hearing that word – was so clear and crisp. A day after her christening, she said the word “yak” after she sneezed.  Two days after her 4th month birthday, she said the word “ngek. ngekngek”. Hehehe. Three days after her 4th month birthday after that, she said the words “daddy, dad, yaya”…much more to my amazement because she has never called me as “mommy” when in fact I am always with her…WHY? A big why, indeed! Maybe the reason that I could think of is that she misses those people (lola, daddy, yaya) more than me (that’s why she first uttered their names when they showed up on her)…I don’t know. Anyway, I am hoping that someday SOON she would call my name (mom or mommy). AND you know, the way baby speaks – she speaks like an adult already – good thing she’s not doing any baby talks.

I am very happy that I have a multi-talented baby, and beautiful, too. She has a beautiful voice as well. She knows how to carry a tune. A few days back, daddy, me, and baby were all singing the song (I Do – Cherish You – by Mark Wills) and, indeed, baby was hitting the tune! And yes, she said the words “I will” (part of the song) to our amazement. Good thing I was able to record our “performance” in my phone (although she kept on looking at the cam).

Whoa. I am a proud mommy of my baby (although sometimes I could see that she’s also defiant like me). No. She’s not defiant perhaps, just a little bit tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. It’s what I want her to be for her to be able to protect herself on the outside world. Her name resembles that personality – a little bit kind, a little bit defiant, but most of all GOD-fearing and with respect to humanity.

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