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Posted on : 05-08-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Business, Financial Freedom, Startups

This post isn’t something that would give readers a heads up or advisory notice on what I have in mind about startups. This is just a reflective post.

Two years ago, I had this vision of putting up an online site (not to be divulged here) that I knew would click. My hubby and I thought of that site and suggested it to someone else, who may have the money and the position to do so (although technically it would be my hubby and me who would be doing the hard stuff). Sad to say, it wasn’t sold. Then a few weeks back, I was searching the Web, and gotcha, a new Web site popped up on the sponsored listing of Google…wow, the business had the same idea that I had. Uggh. Oh I thought that it’s now fully functional after several months of press releases, but, no, still blank – just the usual interface of “COMING SOON TO ….” I wish I would get someone to backup my business idea in this place. If only I am in my home country, putting up any business wouldn’t be a big problem. Anyway.

Just a week ago, another idea hit me! I knew this startup idea would work here and elsewhere and would generate a lot of money and users. I can’t wait to get started!

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