Saggy belly after childbirth


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If there’s anything I don’t like after childbirth, it’s not the sleepless nights. It’s not the many times I have to wake up at night to feed my crying, hungry baby. It’s not the times I have to change the diaper of my baby. GASP. It’s my saggy belly. SCARY. UGLY. All those negative words I could think of, maybe, I could write them here.

Four months have passed after that successful labor and delivery; but, the tummy has remained saggy, as if it’s the tummy of an aged person. I wonder why it looks that way. My mom’s tummy isn’t saggy, to think that she delivered 5 babies – me and my sibs, and yes, mom’s 59! She didn’t undergo tummy tuck; but, hey, her tummy looks so clean with no stretchmarks and uneven skin tone. My golly. Mine looks like…wadever. I’m just turned off whenever I look at it. I can’t even use the clothes I earnestly bought one hot night of July when my husband, baby, and I went to the mall and rushed to buy the clothes that on the initial estimate looked good at me. But how come that when I tried them on a few days back, they just looked so HORRIBLE. An exaggeration, of course, but I must say they look so unbecoming to me. I have no shape at all.

Why is it that I am finding it hard to lose weight? Why is it that I am finding it hard to lose all the flabs? I don’t eat much. Maybe the culprit is the fact that I don’t do much walking here. How can we walk at a staggering 45-60 degrees Celsius! I also can’t do my exercise. It must be because I am darned too lazy or have I been so passive lately? If I have to look like my pre-pregnancy shape, I have to lose 7 KG. Gasp.

How can I lose that excess weight gain in, say, a month or two? I would need a tough decision to do that; have more willpower and more love for myself. LOVE. Maybe I don’t love myself that much that’s why disciplining myself is so hard at these times.

TOUGH LOVE. This is what I need to give myself. Tough love doesn’t mean prohibiting myself from eating food three times a day. Tough love doesn’t mean I should scold myself for not losing weight easily. Tough love means being gentle to myself by “gently” pushing myself to sweat more and not do less in terms of getting back my body to my pre-pregnancy size and shape.

No pain. No gain. That’s what the popular adage tells us so in achieving any kind of endeavor.

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