How much milk should a four-month old baby drink?


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I felt like I’m the worst mom ever when I read three hours ago from the tin can of my baby’s formula milk S26 that SHE MUST now be drinking 8 ounces of milk. No, in fact, when she was just three months old, she should have taken 8 ounces already. Oh God. I felt like my hair strands were tangled, and that my knees fumbled.

My baby’s currently on her 4.5 months, and she’s drinking so little – 2 ounces every two hours or 4 ounces sometimes every three hours. Is that good? I don’t know. When I looked at the tin can, the advice there is to feed baby (at 3 to 6 months) 8 ounces 5 times a day.

How come no one told me about this? How come that I’m not even informed by her pedia or that she doesn’t check my way of feeding my baby? How come I didn’t even research about this? Or maybe I am doing the right thing because there are times that when I give my baby 4 ounces of milk, she would just throw up. Perhaps her tummy doesn’t accommodate large feedings yet at one time. Maybe she needs small frequent feedings just like what she’s currently having. I still feel like a jerk though. My baby’s often hungry at night. It must be because she needs more milk than what she is drinking. I am also so naive when it comes to feeding her with solid. I am afraid of giving her solid at this time because her digestive system isn’t mature yet even though her pedia already advised me to give her mashed foods. I do feed her nowadays but of small quantity yet.

I blogged before that I wasn’t satisfied with my baby’s weight and height during her last checkup. When I searched the Web on the correct weight and height range, they gave me different results and disturbing, too. I felt so inadequate then because I thought that my baby’s so unhealthy…until last night when I searched the following data from the Web:

Healthy weight and height range of a four-month old baby:

Now that I know I have to increase her milk consumption, I am sure that my baby would gain weight before her monthly checkup next month. I wished there is a solid reference on things about how to properly feed a baby and what to expect each month. First babies are like guinea pigs – first time parents don’t know yet what to do and what to expect. Thanks be to God for I have more time to make my baby healthy.

For now, I’m wondering why my baby doesn’t make noise like before – she blabbered a lot. She talked a lot and giggled a lot. She must be feeling something today because of her vaccinations. I wish she would start talking again and singing again. I think she must be thinking a lot, nowadays, for I often catch her stare wandering – thinking like an adult. Sometimes it scares me that I have gifted baby. Nevertheless, I am so thankful. She’s both beauty and brains. Thanks God. PB!


My baby boy is also 4mth ++ (born April). He never drink more than 3 ounces since birth till now. In fact, past 2 weeks, he drinks like 1 – 2 ounce each time. His total for a day ranges about 500 to 600ml only. I was worried dead. I even quit my job!! I am sending him to A&E tomorrow because he refused to drink anything for more than 7 hours.

All babies are different, my baby is 15lbs and drinks about the same as yours. He is perfectly healthy, as long as he/she is gaining weight, then you have no worries. My baby is a small and frequent feeder, has a similar pattern to when he was ex b/f.

Ignore what these tins say, my doctor is super pleased with my boy and his progress. As long as you have lots of wet and pooped nappies, you’re on the right track.

Best of luck.

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