Baby talk, interactive laptop, and more…


Posted on : 15-08-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Beauty Care & Fitness, Business, Life's Musings, Parenting

I was quite uneasy for the past few days. Baby wasn’t active that much. I didn’t hear her sing, talk, and blabber some baby noises. I was really surprised because she wasn’t like that for the past months. I thought that maybe because she has a nanny, my interaction with my baby has lessened. No. I am still hands-on with my baby from bathing her, to moisturizing her skin, preparing her milk, and more. It’s just that for the past weeks, I had been talking (not in English) with my maid.

Thanks, God, after 15 days, hubby and I heard our baby said, “ako, ok”…again. I’m on cloud 9!

Yesterday, we brought her an Interactive Laptop (toy laptop, of course). She was very attentive to the sounds and lights of the laptop, and she enjoyed tapping the keyboards with her feet. However, as we repeated the activity, she seemed uninterested, or, maybe it was just me who was thinking that way. It’s a challenge for me to be creative in introducing new things to her.


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