Does your four-month old baby make your head spin? :D


Posted on : 19-08-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Parenting

OK. I know the title’s so intriguing, and so is my blog post.

I just lulled my baby to sleep after a few hours of being so ACTIVE. I have to capitalize the last word so as to emphasize how active my baby has become over the past few weeks. Oh yes, and the title of this blog post really says it all, in a way, my head just turned upside down.

Can you imagine a four-month old who arcs her back every now and then? And when I say, arcs, she does arc it to the point that only her feet and head touch the solid surface that she’s into – say, her bed. Golly. I’m scared to hell every time she does it. And she does it every minute, every second that she’s awake. I’m happy that she’s active. But, I am afraid that she might be hurt by what she’s doing.

Another antic that she’s ACTIVELY and HAPPILY doing is the growl-like-a-lion-thing. My Golly Wow. If only I had thought earlier on that she would follow what I would do, I shouldn’t have taught her how to growl like a LION.

Yes. On August 14 at around 10:30p.m., when she was with her daddy, I joined them in the bed and played with my baby. I told her that I would teach her the sounds of animals. Yes. At four months and a half. I thought to myself that she would just see me how I do the growling of a lion, and that I anticipated she would just smirk or smile. I growled for a second or two. Then as I was growling for the second time, I didn’t expect what she would do next. She GROWLED back at me, mimicking my facial reaction and the sound! (claps…sniffs)…

Indeed she mimicked my voice – imagine how a lion growls (when angry). hrrhrhhhhrhrhr….with matching raising of her nose, and the sound that she makes is really low, from the middle of her diaphragm. Whoa. My husband and I were both laughing that night, and of course, the little one was laughing, too. The next day, she amazed us with what she did – well, including her yaya. Baby growled again! And she growled, and growled, and growled. I was both laughing and scared. I told her she’s a girl, and not a boy. Well, it’s too late she doesn’t listen to me. She loves to growl and growl (with delight) when she sees me pleading her to stop. I told her how a cat miaows so she would do the same…but NADA. She loves to scare her yaya or me when she drinks her milk or eat her solid.

Well, I am extremely happy that I have a gifted child. It’s a reminder for me to treat her well and do good things before her eyes; otherwise, my head would spin all the time. (chuckles)…

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