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Posted on : 22-08-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Life's Musings, Parenting

A few weeks back, I blogged about how I witnessed my baby lulling herself to sleep by stroking her head with her hand, and on the next day, how she lulled herself to sleep by singing! She got the former habit from her daddy, and the latter from me, her mommy. Well, it really is true that what we do to our children, they become accustomed to it until such time that they do it by themselves.

A few days after that incident, I also blogged about how the three of us sang the song “I DO” by Mark Wills, her daddy’s themesong for us, baby and me (this has, since then, become our family themesong. This morning, as I was lulling my baby to sleep, I played the song, I DO, as a background music. I noticed that she was singing. I put my right hand in front of her mouth, as if it’s a microphone, and she sang all the more. Haha. This reminds me to buy her a toy microphone at the soonest.

In a not so related note, I bought, a couple of days back, the interactive laptop (this interactive laptop is suitable for 18-month old babies) that I blogged about here, and guess what?! She now knows how to tap the keyboard of her laptop – I mean, she uses her fingers well – like in tapping the piano keyboard of her laptop. In other words, her sense of cause and effect is now activated. I also saw it when I gave her the rattle that her daddy bought her as her first toy. I played the rattle in an upward-downward motion, and she did the same when I gave her the rattle.

I bought her the Color Magnetic Sketcher Educational Drawing Board (suitable for three-year old kids and up), and started introducing it to her last night. I drew something, and she was amazed when all of a sudden I erased the drawing, and then I drew again. I gave her the pen so she can sketch, and whoala!, she used it like a pro! You know, someone who already knows how to really use the pen, and with a force! I grabbed from her the pen for she might damage the screen of the magnetic board.

I hope I am not forcing her to play with toys not suitable for her age. But the way I see it, she’s ready to play with them. From time to time, I introduce toys that are, indeed, suitable for her age. I gave her toys to stimulate her sense of cause and effect.

While writing this post, I thought of the incident a while ago. We were looking at someone’s picture, and in an instant, I murmured “fcku” (lol, it was loud, I guess), and whoala, did my baby laugh at that word? My hubby and I both heard her laughter. My golly wow. “Be careful, mommy.” Haha. Uh-oh.

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