My not-so-ordinary four-month old baby


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She wasn’t drinking her milk; she was hungry, yes, but, she just kept on rolling her tongue along the nipple of her feeding bottle. She rolled over on her back. She arched her body again for several times. She wanted to be alone. She doesn’t need mommy or yaya to carry her. My baby. My not-so-ordinary four-month-old baby.

My head ached, once again, for heaven’s sake. I was a bit angry. Maybe she saw the “anger” from my eyes, for, I wasn’t smiling. I was pleading her to drink her milk. I cradled her and put her on my chest. She squeezed her body away from me, crying, and red-faced, and she didn’t want to look at me. She scratched my neck with her sharp fingernails. Whapak! Ouch. I cried foul.

I talked to her, gently pulling her arms together, trying to tell her to look at mommy once again. Nada. I cried. Her yaya cried, too. What on earth did I do? What on earth should I do? My four-month-old baby is no ordinary baby. She knows when mommy is angry. She knows when she’s being “reprimanded”. I wasn’t scolding her. I was just trying to tell her to behave. She wanted to do things on her own.

Her yaya told me that she has three kids, no one was alike my baby when they were still young. She told me that her kids would just sleep, and cry when hungry. She could do all of her household chores when her babies were still young. But me? Oh, I’m lucky to use the Internet for straight 30minutes or 1 hour (I am establishing my startup company these days, and I could not just concentrate; but, well, I chose to be a hands on mommy, and a stay-at-home one. I’m not feeling sorry. I love to take good care of my baby.), then, my baby would wake up – to drink milk, to play, to arc her back, to sing, to talk, to look at the colors around her, to scratch her neck, to touch mommy’s or daddy’s face, to scratch her yaya’s neck, arms, and hands, to watch Baby Einstein video, to listen at her nursery rhymes, to listen at stories from, to read books with mommy, to play with her interactive laptop, and, to dance. Yes. She’s now dancing – at over four months. We just discovered two days ago how she would wriggle her body and arms whenever we would tap the “press me” button of her dancing teddy bear. She is mimicking the basic dancing style! Hurrah!

Both her yaya and I discovered, too, that baby is not open to repetitive actions. Let’s say she’s already adept at using her interactive laptop (she knows how to tap the keyboard to play the sound with matching lights on the screen); she already knows how the teddy bear dances. Now, when we repeat those things, she would just stare and remove her eyes from them with no interest. She knows a thing, a new thing, by just looking at it, hearing it the first time. Just like mommy. But mommy is already old or schooled when she learned that trait of her.

One thing we also discovered is that she watches the Baby Einstein video with no battling of her eyelashes – not even a bit. Call her by her name for several times and she wouldn’t dare look at you. Her daddy, when leaving the house to report for work, would call her for several times (when she watches the video), but would not look at him. When she sensed that her daddy is already on the door, and is unlocking the door, she would look at him and smile. Whoala!

Last night, when the three of us, her daddy, me, and baby, were ready to sleep, my hubby and I were talking about something, and he asked baby, “right, baby?”, to which baby answered, with her mouth full of the nipple of her feeding bottle, “OK”. Whoala! How did she know that she had to answer it by “ok”? Then, her daddy repeated the word right, to which she said, “right”…yes, and it sounded like it – like how an adult would say that word.

This morning, while I was feeding her with her cereals, my throat itched. I coughed a bit, and cleared my throat by saying, “ahem”, and she said back, “ahem”. Golly wow. Pwera bati!

I might be overly shocked about my baby, but, I am VERY MUCH thankful to God for giving me a gifted child. I just have to be extra careful in giving her extra baby care, and love. Thank you, Lord, and my three patrons, Our Lady of Penafrancia, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, and St. Gerard Majella.


The “OK” and “right” words are still ringing in my ears up until now, I just can’t believe that our baby is so witty :) Alhamdulilah!

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