My not-so-ordinary barely five-month-old baby Part II


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Yesterday, I blogged about the part I of my not-so-ordinary four-month-old baby. I realized it’s just two days before her fifth month birthday.

Thank God, she would be OK now. (I asked ma and pa to go to the faith healer and consult about what has happened to baby; she barely drinks her milk. (Nausog sya ng babae na may mahabang buhok. It’s just me and her yaya, who she frequently sees at home. The culprit must be one of us.

The first thing I do when I go online is to blog about my baby. I am so engrossed at her (ahem, pwera bati), advanced developmental milestones. I am addicted in blogging about her. Even though sometimes she got into my nerves (haha, imagine she’s just a baby and she’s getting into my nerves already!). Oh God. Forgive me. Just this morning, I already slept at around 4a.m., and since I was lacking some sleep, my head was achy; but, I had to get up to feed her. When I finished preparing her milk, she didn’t drink it all. I got so worried, not to mention, pissed off – maybe not at her, but at what she is doing. I am afraid that I am hitting the postpartum period. Ohh. I hope not. I have barely recovered from sleepless nights and restlessness. My temperament must be caused by extreme fatigue and sleepless nights.

As I was still asleep, I felt some cold tiny fingers on my face – my baby must be trying to wake me up. I managed to get up, and tried to feed her again but to no avail. I asked her sleepy dad to feed baby because I was already feeling so anxious. My golly. I hate it when I am worried.

While she was with her daddy, she was playing with her rattle – the one with a cat on it. She amazed us once again by saying “hi” to the cat!

Another astonishing thing she did today was to wave at her daddy and said “bye” when she heard that word from her daddy. Golly wow. And whoala, is there a four-month-old, over a four-month-old, who acts as if she wanted to stand already on her own? Yes. Every time she rolls over, she would lift her body as high as she could; she stiffens her arms and knees to support her body. Her daddy and I both know that we owe her strength and physical stamina to Green Barley.

To my gifted baby (pwera bati!), I love you. I am sorry for the times I lose my temperament. Know that I wouldn’t hurt you. I am just overly worried about your drinking and eating habits. I promise to give you the best mothering care and love that a mother could give. Peace and love be with you always.

Love, Mommy

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