“I love you” from my baby


Posted on : 26-08-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Life's Musings, Parenting

My ears smiled. My heart cried.

I said the words, “i love you”, to my baby, which I often do to her.  Then her daddy heard her say it back. I didn’t hear it well. I repeated saying the words, and she answered back the words “love you” for three more times. I was happy I couldn’t cry. Then when she was drinking her milk, I said the words again. In between her sucking of the bottle’s nipple, she said “i love you” or “love you”, and she was looking at me when she said those words. Those meaningful, loving words were directed to me. My throat got dry. Tears welled in my eyes. I cried hard. I covered my face with the blanket because she was looking at me. My hubby cried as well. When I looked at the eyes of my baby, her eyes were misty, too.

I smiled and kissed her. I said sorry for the many times my temperament went wild. I told her once again that mommy’s just extremely worried because she isn’t drinking much milk. Right now, she’s having confusions over her feeding bottles. She thought the nipple of her bottle is the same as her spoon. Oh no. Had I known that feeding her with solid is just like weaning her from her milk, I shouldn’t have given her solid yet. I should have waited until she reaches her 6th month. But, glad that she ate a lot this morning after drinking green barley.

Her daddy pleaded to tell him the words, too, but to no avail. She just looked at me. She may have said early on the words “daddy, dad” but not “mommy” yet, but to be able to hear the words “i love you” is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. My sleepless nights and restlessness for barely five months now vanished instantly. I felt energized. At barely five months now, she’s already saying these words (hello, uu, daddy, dad, lola, happy, ngek, ngekngek, yak, yaya, achoo, ako, ahem, right, bye, hi, hey, eh, and added to this list is the “i-love-you” or “love you”. Whoala. Pwera bati, my gifted baby.

How happy am I to be the mother of one gifted child, my baby! All glory and praises to God.


Waaaa baby tell daddy I love you too

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