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I hate it when I become so kind to wrong people. Oftentimes, someone would take advantage of my kindness – like my househelp. It’s as if she regards us as her sister/brother (her bosses at home). Last night, I was telling hubby that our househelp sleeps a lot; she can sleep for straight long hours of 7 or 8 hours at night, and one hour in the morning and a nap of one or two hours in the afternoon.

How about me, the new mom? I’m lucky to get an uninterrupted sleep of two hours at night, and 30minutes of sleep in the afternoon. Goly crap. I don’t complain being a new mom with no sleep at all. What am I complaining is the fact that this helper is so irresponsible.

She rarely cleans the house. She does clean but only on the surface. She cooks food but at times that it’s already late. She loves to watch movies. She loves to sleep.

This morning, I gave her my baby at around 7a.m., for I had to sleep for at least three hours before my baby would eat her solid. I slept until 10a.m., and started preparing baby’s food. I told hubby to tell our helper to wake up at 6a.m., instead of 7a.m., and she must get our baby from our room at around 7a.m. so that I can sleep until 10a.m. This morning, too, I told her to clean everything in the living room. Gosh, I heard her say that she cleans everything in the living room at least once a week. Golly. We are situated in a country where there is always a sandstorm. What can you expect in your place? Of course, the sand and dust. How come she’s so stubborn and so negligent of her work?

This afternoon, while she was looking after baby (baby’s watching the video Baby Einstein), this helper fell asleep. I told her to look after my baby, and she mustn’t sleep! For heaven’s sake! I told her that she sleeps a lot; that she sleeps for straight 8 hours a night! How come that she must sleep still in the afternoon? It must be my fault. When she was still new here at home, I told her to take a nap in the afternoon. That was because my baby was still too young, and I was just the one looking after my baby. I told her, too, that I have a friend who works as helper for a local resident here, and this friend of mine wakes up at night to prepare the milk and carry the baby of her employer cries at night! I told her, too, that at this house, she’s lucky because I don’t require her to do that! But she MUST be very responsible when she looks after my baby! She shouldn’t sleep during the day!

Actually, if I have my way, I would tell this helper to get out of my house. I really don’t need someone like her. We are paying her monthly salary on time, and we treat her well. She must know where she stands.

A while ago, she asks me, “why are you working everyday now? do you have work already?” “Yes, I am working from home, but will probably work outside after two years.” To which, she said, “maybe after a year you’d be working outside because now you’re already working.” WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? I wanted to scream. OK, that was just an exaggeration. I won’t scream at people who won’t understand me.  I have a very good upbringing by my parents.

As I write this, it just occurred to me that she must be thinking, “now I get to look after the baby; before her mommy’s was full time in taking care of the baby. she doesn’t even allow me to carry her baby”. Well, we pay her to do that – help me in anyway she can. If not, what is she doing here at home?


A nanny who always watches movies, a nanny who has a nap time. A nanny who dictates when she wants to clean. Is that really a nanny? I just realized that being a nanny is so much better than what I do. At least she has a life while I can’t even afford to watch at the 42″ LCD TV that I bought because of work. Better to let her go.

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