Nannying Part II


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“Madam, can you please call the store? I will buy cellphone load because my friend is sick. I will call her.” said the maid at around 6p.m. last night.

“OK. Get the phone and I’ll call the store.” I said.

At 9p.m., someone called her, and she was teary-eyed. Did I sense drama?

“Why?” I asked.

“My friend is so sick. I will go there tonight.”

“Are you sure? What is her illness? You know I have a baby you can’t just go to the hospital.”

“It’s bad that I won’t see her. She might be dead.” Then tears fell on her eyes.

OH GOD. What a crazy idea! Why would she sacrifice herself for her friend when in fact she just can’t go out because…of delicate matter.

“Can you just call your friend?”

“No. I must see her.”

“OK. I will ask your sir about his decision.”

I called my husband on his mobile, and the maid went to her bedroom. When she came back to the living room, she already changed her clothes.

I told her, if there’s something bad that would happen to her, it’s her risk. I told her, too, that should her friend’s sickness be swine flu, she should not return to our house for a week.

She went to her bedroom again, and when she went out, she was carrying her backpack and one big plastic bag of her other things.

I was stunned.

“Why are you bringing all of your belongings?”

“You told me that I should not return after a week if it’s swine flu.”

“OK. But why on earth would you bring everything if it’s just for a week?”

“I should bring everything.”

Anger overwhelmed me, but I kept it to myself. I tried to convince her not to go for her sake, for our sake. But she was persistent. Hours passed by. She waited for her friend to fetch her. I told her not to tell the location of our house. I told her to wait for her friend at the nearby Kentucky.

“It’s far, madam. I am afraid to walk.”

After 30 minutes or more, she stood up and said,

“September is near; I’d like to get my money” (her monthly salary is paid every 6th of the month).

“Our money is in the bank. I don’t have cash here.”

I have cash on hand but I didn’t give her any. We gave her friend a huge amount before she worked for us. We later realized it that she was sold to us. She’s been with us for barely two months (2 months by Sept5 or 6?). So if I would give her her salary for the month of Sept. in advance, and she wouldn’t come back to us, we’d lose a huge amount. So I really thought hard. She must not win this game.

In a voice that was raised, she said,

“I only have so and so money (she stated the amount)! How could that be? I can’t even buy a gift for my friend who is sick! How can I ride the taxi back home? The fare might be so and so! (She exaggerated the taxi fare.) I will not go.”

(Good, I thought. But thinking that her friend must really need her, I said..)

“You wait for your sir, he has some cash.”

“OK. I will wait for sir.”

“Your sir will come at 12 midnight.”

She was pissed off. She uttered once again her cash on hand. She shouted a bit. Was it a shout? Her face was rumpled.

“What should I do? Do I have to walk at this hour to get money from the bank and leave my baby here?”

Then her face was more crumpled when I told her that it’s already 10 o’clock and visiting hours at the hospital is no longer allowed. She murmured some more. She made face.

I told her she must be lying. She just wanted to get out. She was just using her friend. Why on earth would she bring everything? Why on earth would she asked me if I still wanted her to come back? Hunghang!


“WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT? I have been understanding you, in EVERYTHING!”

I knew it that she’s just lying. There may be a truth that she’d visit her sick friend. There’s no wrong with that. But how come that she would risk her safety just for that? Not safety in the physical sense. I don’t want to write the real reason here. How come that she would risk losing the money that she’s earning by going out and never coming back (It’s what I was sensing. I knew that my hubby and I were the best employers that she had for all her working years) She must be insane. Totally insane.

SHE WAS STUNNED, and said, in the language that she’s comfortable with,

Oh my God.

My eyes were big. My voice was raised. My fingers were pointing at her.


She cried.

I didn’t care.

To hell with her.

She stopped crying. Her cellphone rang. Her friend was downstairs, at the local store, waiting for her.

Before she went out of the house…

“Do you want me to come back?” she asked.

“You? Do you want to come back?” I asked in return.

“I am asking you if you wanted me to come back.”

I just said, “OK”.

Whatever that meant, I didn’t care.

She went out and said,

“Bye, madam”…

“Take care”. (From where did I say that? Was that for real?)

After she left, I washed my baby’s diaper area and changed her nappy. It was very wet. I changed her clothes. As I was changing her clothes, my MIND was about to SHOUT – did I really shout – “We’re free, baby!”


At last.

From the liar.

From the irresponsible.

From the “bossy” type of maid.

From the BS!

Just for a night, perhaps, because she said she would come back in the morning. But morning came, and the whole day is over – she didn’t return. Yes, it must be true it was just her alibi. She used her friends to get out from our house, maybe because there was a promise for her. I didn’t care. To h&@$ll with her.

I hope she won’t come back anymore.

From her, I learned something not to do again in case we’d get a new nanny.

  • I won’t give everything – my time, my patience, my peace of mind, my ears, my kindness, and more. There will be a gap between me and the helper.
  • I would tell her to use maid’s clothes (our ex-maid told us that she’d like to wear the same clothes as mine, and yes, my accessories, cellphone, everything, perhaps, that I have)…
  • I would not ask her about her life story and love story.
  • I would not tolerate any closeness.
  • I would create a space.
  • I would not speak her language that she’s comfortable with. She must speak in ENGLISH.
  • The list of to-do things at home will be posted in the door of the fridge.
  • And the list goes on…

I’m free. I have to rest for a little while. I’m happy though I am tired of the things to do at home. God knows He will provide the best nanny for us because we are one of the best employers that they could have.

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