Anhidrosis or decreased sweating


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When we came to this country two years ago and until now, I noticed that I wasn’t sweating. I knew way back then that I sweat so little; but, this time, I noticed that I hardly sweat at all. Is it due to the aircon 24×7? Hardly. I have a friend, who sweats a lot after a few minutes of working out. We worked out together for a week – she was the only one who lost weight – 2kg, but me? NADA. Yes, maybe, an on and off loss-gain of a kilo.

It’s been two weeks already since I started a routine exercise. At first I noticed that somehow my muscles have been toned. But alas, no maybe. Husband said that my body’s bloated with lots of air. Oh. I am not sweating, that may be the culprit. Read the rest of this entry »

At work, attitudes do matter


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I just learned today that our previous maid made an alibi for her to go back to our house. She told our friend that she would get her clothes (the ones given to her by this friend), but she left them intentionally.

After almost a month, she called up to say about her current status: no money, no work, not eating. Hah. Our friend told her it’s not our problem anymore; the mere fact that you went out of their house last month meant that you wanted freedom. Blah. blah. blah.

What a wake-up call for her. We gave her two chances and she blew them away.

A friend became depressed after knowing that the investments in time, money, and effort that he made during the past weeks were put to vain: the one who promised to give him a company to manage just changed his mind – the company would not materialize anymore. Sad that this friend already resigned from his current employer.

Nay. It’s a risk, indeed, to just grab some good promises. We can’t hold on to good promises; oftentimes, they are empty and just go to trash.

Another friend of mine called me up to say a good news – her employer finally allowed her to work for us. I told her we might go somewhere else – overseas. I called her back again and I learned that she would be available to work for us as househelp in March. I was already sold out to her idea when suddenly she uttered two fuck!ng words – “s!raulo” and “h!nayupak“. Oh God. I knew it right there and then I didn’t want her. They may be her expressions or they may be intended for me (I knew I didn’t do a nasty thing to deserve such!). But she already blew the good chance to work for good employers – us. She forgot that the reason she’s leaving her current employer here was the one reason she just did to me – she was told “hayup” by her boss; now she just did it to her prospective employer – me. If it was just a mere expression, I don’t wanna accept that kind of attitude. I have a baby; I can’t imagine having a nanny her like.

At work, attitudes do matter. Sometimes, we are already in the best position, best place, but we seek for more only to find out that we are treading the wrong path. Sometimes, we have the best opportunities given to us but we blow chances away by being so egotistical.

Happy 6th month birthday, baby!


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My baby just turned six months today, and we simply celebrated it with our “holy” friend after attending the mass. No cakes, just pizzas. At home, I cooked pasta for long life.

Thank You, God, for the gift of life.

My barely six-month-old baby is now standing!


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In a matter of less than two hours, my baby will be turning six months. And yes, there’s another surprise from her – she’s now standing on her own, of course, she knows how to support her body with her hands!

Her daddy and I were really caught off-guard the first time we saw her stand. She was holding unto the big pillow for support when we first saw her stand. After an hour, we were caught by surprised when she stretched her legs (in a very straight manner!), and she stood beside her daddy in our bed.

Now she doesn’t only want to practice her new-found antic. She now wants to walk?!


I wasn’t quite prepared for that although it was predicted by our other friends that she might be standing or walking at six months. I was and am still shocked up to this minute of writing this post.

Usually, it’s between 9 to 10 months that babies attempt to pull up to stand. As Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann, a pediatrician says, “You never know when your baby might decide to try pulling herself up to stand. So as soon as she turns 6 months, play it safe and lower the crib mattress.” This reminds me to ask her daddy to lower the crib tonight.

You’re such a darling, baby. We love you so much. Happy 6th month birthday tomorrow!

Do’s and dont’s with babies


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I had a fun time with these cool pictures about the do’s and dont’s with babies.

I am putting in here two pictures that really made me laugh and where I could relate with my baby. For other pictures, visit this site. I read from it that these pictures are from the book of David and Kelly Sopp: Safe Baby Handling Tips, which you can buy from Amazon. Read the rest of this entry »