The Singing Baby


Posted on : 02-09-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Life's Musings, Parenting

A few weeks back, I blogged about my singing baby. She was four months the first time I witnessed how she lulled herself to sleep; a habit she got from me. I always sing to her the Lullaby song or I Do by Mark Wills so she could fall asleep. When she sings, she can really hit the note. Whoala!

This time, we noticed that she is familiar with two songs already – the Lullaby and the I Do. When I say familiar, she can actually sing with anyone who sings the two songs. She does not only hit the notes, but, also she can get the tempo of the music.

Last night, as I was lulling my baby to sleep, I sang the Lullaby song, and she sang with me. I changed the song to sort of vocalization “a-ah-ah!”, and she giggled. She smiled whenever I said the “a-ah-ah!” to its highest level. I sang the I Do, and she sang with me. I sang the Lullaby again, and she sang, too. But when I changed it to “a-ah-ah!”, she would smile and giggle a lot. She knew it’s not a song. She knew that I was making fun last night. Her daddy cried because of happiness. How come a five-month old already knows how to distinguish between a song or not! Alleluia!

Just then, the unexpected happened. She said, “a-ah!”

My golly wow. Thank you so much, God, for giving us our gifted baby!

This morning, her daddy sang to her the song “Beautiful Girl”, and she was acting like a lady! Was she sort of shy already? Hahaha. And yes, we noticed, too, that when we sing a different song the first time, she would not sing yet, but would just listen intently. After hearing the song the second time, it’s her cue that she would sing with the one who’s singing it.

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