Life without a nanny and developmental milestones of my five-month old baby


Posted on : 18-09-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness

The first few nights were a relief. The first weekend was a bliss for our family. My husband and I bonded with our baby daughter. She was giggling. She was happy we were there for her, at all times.

The succeeding days were chaotic. The house was in a total mess. I barely had the time to take care of the house, and that of myself. To illustrate things, husband had to buy disposable plates so we’d just throw them after eating! Yay!

I simply can’t leave my baby alone. You see, my five month old is as active as a two-year old. I wonder how a two-year old behaves, but it’s how I see her. Too bad, I am often irritable at my baby. No, at her behavior, perhaps. (I’m sorry, baby, mom’s so tired of being nanny-less, and worried, too, of your eating/sleeping habits.) Should I say I am just an overly worried mother of a five-month old who doesn’t drink much milk because she’s too preoccupied of doing other things. For the past two days, too, she wasn’t sleeping well. I am overly worried because although she gained much in terms of her height, thanks God, but she didn’t gain much in her weight. What worries me is that she wanted to do things on her own, like what an adult does. She wants to sleep when she wants to even if her eyes are already droopy. She would be awaken with the slightest sound around her. She loves to crawl, arc her back, and sit. She loves to growl and change her voice to express herself. She’s sitting now at 5 months.

When she’s on the crib, she would love to remove the side covers of her crib for she knew that it blocks her from seeing the things around her. She would love to let her feet hang on the outside of the crib. She would love to experiment on things. She’s curious of everything around her.

I am happy that I am able to see the developments of my baby, and that I am assured of that she would be speaking in English. When her nanny was still with us, this nanny kept on speaking in Ar@bic. I don’t want my baby’s mother tongue to be in that language.

Although it’s true that with the nanny around the house I was able to somehow take things lightly. I had the time to take a rest for awhile, my meals were eaten on time, the house wasn’t messy, I guess that, this time, I am still NOT agreeable to getting a permanent nanny. I want some privacy. I value my peace of mind, too. Maybe, if we would have a new nanny, there would be a gap between us. I would not do the things that I did in the past with my previous nanny – I was so accommodating. If our house here is a two-storey or three-storey, perhaps, it would be better for us to get a new nanny now. In that case, I would not see her often. I would not interact with her as much as possible. However, our house isn’t that spacious. I could see the nanny everywhere around the corner of the house. In due time…perhaps…everything would be all right.

I haven’t updated this blog lately. This blog post was supposed to be posted on Sept.13; it’s been six days after since I was able to finish updating it. I’m simply tired. I have an exercise regime to follow, but could hardly follow it. I can’t wait for our vacation back home. I would rest, eat, take a walk, climb the stairs, pamper myself, and do whatever it is that I wanted to do.

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