Change of milk from S26 to Similac Advance


Posted on : 22-09-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Nutrition, Parenting

It’s been two days since we changed baby’s milk from S26 Gold 1 to Similac Advance. Yay! And how hubby and I were satisfied. We were thinking “how come we waited for almost six months before we changed baby’s milk?” Anyway, there’s still time to improve. Thanks God.

I remembered we had been experimenting on the formula milk of baby since she was three months. We bought Similac Advance, but, we didn’t push through with it because in my research, S26 is at par. One time, while we were at the embassy, someone told us, a grandma of a newborn, that her grandson is drinking Similac. We didn’t heed her because we thought that our baby was just doing fine. However, months passed and it seemed that baby’s tongue was already too familiar with the taste or maybe S26 doesn’t match her taste bud already that she began not to drink it (oftentimes she would just consume 5ml!) Whew.

Last Saturday, a friend told me that she saw babies at the church who were of the same months with baby, but they are bigger. She told me that those babies were drinking Gain. We immediately went to the market here and brought the milk. However, when we reached home, I noticed that it’s not Gain or I’m not just familiar with it. It’s Similac Advance. On her 6th month, we’d buy the Similac Gain Advance.

I was very surprised this morning when tiny little fingers touched my arms – my baby was trying to wake me up! I was a sleepyhead! LOL. She must be very hungry then although she wasn’t crying. She was trying to wake her daddy, too, but he was too sleepy. Maybe an hour before she woke me up, she was crawling in our bed. I made it sure that she wouldn’t crawl too far from where we were sleeping (our bed is still high; I’m afraid that she might fall-knock on wood – comes October we’d just retain the mattress) by enveloping her with our legs. She moved back and forth in the little space we gave her…until she could not control it anymore. She woke me up. Wow. I love you, baby. So sorry for my shortcomings.

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